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  1. She was stabbed by someone who doesn't like sappiness.
  2. A friend from church e-mailed me a link. I should have listened to her warning about its addictiveness.
  3. I take the oath. And I'll force my sister, friends, and enemies to take the oath as well~
  4. Sorry...Nothing comes to mind. Nothing on there is really funny...Hellion of fiery Revenge, maybe?
  5. Yes, both the request list and the eligible dragons list seem to have become outdated.
  6. The Purple's should be, "[name] stares at you as the life fades out oh its eyes, realizing it will never be able to play matchmaker again." I'm not aware of any other messages, though...
  7. I'd like to join; I'm getting tired of the backlogged AP page. I have a suggestion though-shouldn't water dragons be added to the Commons list? 85% of the time, there are at least three Water eggs in the AP. Edit: What about Dorsals?
  8. It stands for Tinsel Jaguar, and it's one of the rarest dragons in existence. Why are neglected dragons so rare?
  9. Breed a Magi with a Yulebuck. How do I trade my Green dragon? Edit: Ninja'd.
  10. catguy No, I will never use that username. Ugh.
  11. Sam and Max are not the only members of the Freelance Police. C.O.P.S. stands for Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society. Erin Hunter is actually multiple authors.
  12. I would hate relying on a machine with my mind still functioning, mainly because of my conspiracy theories. However, if I were brain-dead, I would be dead in my definition of it, so I wouldn't see any reason to keep the rest of my body alive. Really, if people are mentally dead, then...why keep them alive? Their DNA is all that's left. It's not really them in there, just an empty shell. However, if they could choose, let them choose!
  13. Right now, I'm obsessed with the franchise of Sam and Max: Freelance Police. It's an old comic (from the 70s), but it's launched a webcomic, video games, and an animated show. I can't really explain it well, but it's a great franchise.
  14. What's wrong with Skyla? Yes, Elesa getting torn apart would be great to see. She's slightly annoying with Volt Switch and her inspirational talks.
  15. Yes! Me needa go to a Gamestop! Btw, bug types are awesome. Especially Drapion. Except it's not a Bug type. It's Poison/Dark. What the hell is with the Dark typing? Come on! It's a big giant scorpion. It's a BUG. I really wish Drapion were catchable in Unova. Know how it's based on NYC? Imagine a resident of said town taking a stroll and finding a giant armored scorpion who gets STAB. See, this is what horror movies in Unova are. Elesa plays the cute blonde that gets murdered horribly, and the League has to bring tanks out to kill the thing. I'd watch that movie.
  16. I don't like Sol and Hawkfrost, for obvious reasons. I also really loathe the cats that kicked Sky Clan out. Seriously; they couldn't just decide to donate 1/4 of their territory to them? Come on! There's just something wrong with that.