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  1. Um, I need this off my scroll, so I'm going to abandon it if it doesn't get claimed in the next eight hours. Just a heads up ^^
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/453CY Sweeet. If I'd paid attention to its lineage, I wouldn't have Earthquaked it. I'm glad it survived :R
  3. I'm trying to prevent Flamingos from becoming too common on the AP... Claim my eggs/hatchlings! I'd appreciate it if this doesn't get released. Ratios and all...
  4. Congratulations to the winners! ^^
  5. Question: is it OK if I don't have any soldiers or magic users? I'm shooting for a fairly simple clan, but I don't mind including some magicians and soldiers. Also, do we ever use this thread?
  6. G'Lant was worried. Very, very worried. Half the guard dragons of a very strong clan nearby had gone missing along with the clan's leader. That clan was about a day's distance from the G'Lant clan--the leader was called by the name of his clan here--and G'Lant was worried. The disappearances had been getting closer and closer to G'Lant, and the leader was worried. G'Lant glanced at the dragon beside him. His name was Thunder's Sound, and the name was usually an adequate description of him. The dragon's thunder-like roars usually echoed loudly in the valley the G'Lant clan lived in, signi
  7. Imagine if the teachers had guns with them. If everyone had a gun, the murderer would be at a disadvantage, not an advantage. If guns are outlawed, only criminals will own guns, and good, law-abiding (the two are not mutually exclusive) people will be at evil people's mercy.
  8. Huh. Well, it seems I'm the only one twho voted "other." I think in emotions. Instead of words or pictures, I feel things when I look at stuff, and when I think back to something, I don't remember an image; it's a feeling that I felt when I was experiencing that thing. Anyone else like this?
  9. -please use lineage links-view/n/Greatguy[/url] His owner sold my child. He was a pretty Skywing, too...I may commit suicide out of grief.
  10. I occasionally visit DC forums.
  11. Oh, how I love it. I ship Tsubaki x Black Star though; Maka x Soul is secondary. Somehow I wasn't surprised to find out that Excalibur represents anger/rage.
  12. I've stopped counting all the times I've tried. I can try again on December 10th, but I don't think I'll succeed...
  13. Ah, this is why I have an aversion to Serebii Forums...
  14. I believe I already made this suggestion, but...shouldn't Water Walkers, Ochedrakes, Deep Seas, Water, and Purple Dorsals be added? There are usually at least three in the AP... Anyway. I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons! Forum Name: greatguy Scroll Name: greatguy (http://dragcave.net/user/greatguy) Amount of Commons Currently on my Scroll: 19 listed ones. I Have Checked all Offspring of Commons Currently on my Scroll: I didn't need to. But yes, none of them have common children, or any children at all. I would like to exchange my points for the following:
  15. One does not simply transform into Mordor. ...I know, I'm stupid.
  16. One does not simply kich butt into Mordor.
  17. Ah, I really like horses. The feeling of riding is exhilerating, and I like the horses themselves-I like watching them move and eat. I don't know why, I just like it :R
  18. I think mice and rats are beautiful creatures-from their ears to their feet to their mouths. I just don't like hamsters. It may be that they're too fat, but they're simply ugly. Just like anything else that is in supremely bad taste, they have a hard core of adoring followers though...
  19. @NobleOwl No, the covenant with the Jews still stand. The new covenant also stands, but as Christians we're not bound to the old one. Am I making any sense?
  20. Does anyone have recommendations for Gothic lit? For some reason, I really enjoy that genre. My faves are The Graveyard Book, which is plain creepy, and Dracula, which gets a lot of misconceptions. Dracula's really well-written, and gives off a sense of "something evil this way comes" while retaining the love triangles. It's not like stereotypical vampires either; these are actually evil (they're implied to be possessed by demons), drink blood, and avoid sunlight for legitimate reasons. The Graveyard Book. Now, that's scary. Journeys to Hell, cursed mirrors that kill whomever i
  21. Fortunately, I'm only allergic to dust and dog hair. Unfortunately, I have a dog who's collecting dust. Well, she does sleep a lot, but it doesn't stop her from spreading her fur around the house. I love her anyway :3
  22. I think it should definitely be legalized. I'm not for prostitution, don't get me wrong, but it's an act that doesn't harm others and is performed by consenting adults(if not, that's rape). The country has too many laws, and even if just one were abolished, it would give many people here hope. Also, of course there's a black market :R
  23. Christians are not bound to the set of laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy and Numbers. Heck, we don't have to do anything except trust Jesus. That's not to say that there aren't things we SHOULD do, such as being kind to others and evangelizing. But if you trust and love Jesus, those things would come of their own accord. The law was fulfilled, not abolished. Read Paul's letters to understand what that means-those outside the law are exempt from the law, and those under it must obey it. Without law, sin cannot exist, just as shadows cannot exist without light. Therefore being set fr