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  1. @kiyoura I remember the orca dragon, it was so beautiful, i wonder where it went .___. Love the assassino dragons too <3
  2. Equus dragons <3 (Wants a dapple grey, blue roan and flaxen chestnut like my real life horses <3) Ambrosial Eastern and western unicorns. lindwyrm Red Sea Drocan Silk-tailed Sugarfeather Wish pygmy I would chop off a limb for one of these guys on my scroll ! <3 (maybe not literally but i would definately chop off a metaphorical limb)
  3. *Jumping into the thread* Personally I believe abortions are not a form of birth control, if you abort once because of unwanted pregnancy it can be forgiven. However constantly using it because you do not take or use birth control means you probably should just be sterilized. Abortions should not be banned. I have a very close friend who was pregnant with twins, with her husband of 2 years. At 2 months they told her her babies had very severe birth defects, and would not survive, however she was also at risk of dieing during childbirth. The doctors would not abort the babies as they considered it to be unethical. 6 months later she went into labor, she refused an epidural due to personal beliefs. After 7 hours, she gave birth. To two babies who never even drew their first breaths.
  4. Everyones so obsessed with the new releases ._. I caught a purple dino in the chaos
  5. Tried to color it gold, any crits much appreciated, i think the highlights are a bit wonky
  6. My last words: "I left a million dollars in the..." If there is a afterlife i want to watch the chaos that ensues.
  7. I Would Like an Egg! Name of Breeder: any! Name of Pair: any! Accept Inbred: no Will You Use Hatcheries: yes If yes, which ones: Egg Drop Soup Eggs Around The World Hatching Your Dragons
  8. Forum ID: SoulFeather Scroll Link: My Scroll PM Link: PM Me Proof that I read the rules: Holding Hands
  9. I'd like to join! Join Date: 7/23/2012 Forum Name: SoulFeather Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/SoulFeather PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04 Proof I read the Rules: n Eligible Dragons(Code Link, Breed, Frozen/Adult):