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  1. You. Do me a favor and don't message me about things I quit ages ago. No, you can't buy my stuff.
  2. Yeah, but it's still nice to know you can do something that's suppose to be difficult for that point of the game. Ah.. I don't care about points, it's just your rank to decide how much money you make, and I cheat on the SeeD tests, so I'm always loaded! x3 I have to admit though, it felt rather empty without the cutscene where Quistis guns down X-ATM092...
  3. My favorite is VIII (8). It was the first FF I ever played, so I suppose I'm a bit biased. Then again, I can put up with hours of tedious things like drawing magic and collecting every little thing. Hell, I went out of my way to kill X-ATM092 in the Dollet mission. @.@ It was a while before I played some other FFs. IX (9) came next for me, then some of the handhelds and then X (10) and the classic remakes. Only ones I haven't played are VII (7) and its friends ( you fanboys, leave me alone), VI (6) and anything numerically past X-2. I've enjoyed all of them... Except FFT on the PS1. Then again, I suck at tactic games.. x3
  4. It's worked fine on chome so far, why does it hate it now? It's all I'll use; can't stand other browsers.
  5. http://i370.photobucket.com/albums/oo143/c.../untitled-2.png
  6. ._. So I guess I am the only one having problems.. *sigh* Ah, finally. It's working. Thanks for ignoring me, people AGH. Now it's an off an on thing..
  7. Uhm.. Am I the only one it's not working right for? ._. Everything on the left loads fine (login logout etc.) but.. I can't see anything on the right except this tiny leetle bit ._.
  8. ... Make a moose. DOOO IIIIT.