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  1. yes!!! i love LoL if anyone wants to play my game name is : j j
  2. I used to have a re-occuring dream when I was like 7. It involved a dead monster from duke nukem 64 on a line with a ball above it's head. My mom would be screaming my name when I saw it dead with blood everywhere as if I was in trouble. I'd wake up after sleep walking into their room crying for like a year straight. Lol, they were probably soooo mad about that :].
  3. Usually 20 days after the semester. Uhm, we get thanks giving and spring break off. Since christmas is outside the semester. I get to spend my time with my family / friends when I'm out though! :]
  4. When I was eleven I was swimming at an indoor pool, I was swimming down a slide and went under water. When passing to get to the ladder there was like a "grate" which cycles the water up and down the slide. Anyways, the grate had such a pull due to some idiot leaving it on test mode, which enables it to bypass safe speeds of the pump (attatched to the grate) getting me stuck up against the wall underwater for five to six minutes. I was told 7 minutes but I'm not sure if that is even humanly possible. So, anyways my right hand was trapped and so was my back and head under water. My left arm was free, so I reached it up above the water and waved for help. Heh, while I was underwater I remember thinking "I don't want to die" and I was thinking about my life. Everything started getting white and I felt like I could breath underwater. Maybe I was close to passing out or dying due to all the blood I lost. I sustained a severely damaged muscles on my upper back and lower back. My upper spine and lower spine back have fractures from the injury. Recovery was annoying and I had therapy for a year. I'm okay today though . The scars went away too! So, It's good to be alive! Haha...!
  5. I don't have a diary everything I think about is in my head and I review the day at night before I sleep by thinking. :]
  6. Procrastinating for my final, which I took today. Webcaming with this beautiful girl <3. Talking/chilling with people from meh school (studying / hanging out) :] Looking for a job. Looking up career advice / talking to the school to figure out my classes. :3
  7. I personally prefer girls with shorter fingernails than longer. Especially since they can't claw you when you mess make them mad! lol jk. I don't mind if the girl paints her nails or not.
  8. I've haven't had an experience with anything paranormal but I don't doubt that ghosts could possibly exist. It's one of those experiences you need to see to believe, well for me anyways. :]
  9. It's not something I could see myself participating in but if it helps lower stds, abortions and other things I guess it's a good thing? I wouldnt want to ever date a girl who would lower herself to that level. A matter of opinion I guess. That type of interaction is outside the social norms. I personally wouldn't judge a girl for doing what she had to do to get by but I also wouldn't want to see a girl I loved sleeping around.
  10. I was playing league of legends for a bit.
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    The screamo songs I enjoy personally are songs that have a good message and aren't ALL just screaming. ^ From first post. Anyways, the bands I do enjoy are more like. Ice nine kills Hopes die last From first to last in fear and faith underoath etc. :]
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    My eyes are brown with a darker explosion like pattern near the center. A lot of people tell me they like my eyes. O___o not trying to brag or anything!
  13. I'd probably be like "What...? I.I'm...I'm not over 9000!?!?!?!"
  14. I agree with you to a certain degree but also I disagree because in most cases that's not true. I've had plenty of friends meet with guys/girls online after talking for months or years. Some today are still together. The "never know who you're really dating" applies to real life as well. So, while you make that point and it can be seen as rational, we can't just apply that to the online dating scene. I've met a lot of people who display a great amount of integrity online as opposed to real life. I'd say I cherish my friends online than I ever did in real life. It's weird how that worked out but maybe people who are awesome are just online lol! Aside from my opinion on online relationships through seeing other peoples experiences, I've been going through one myself for almost two months. I really love the girl I talk to on a daily basis. We met on a game forum and I played with her constantly and I developed feelings for her over a short period of time. I kept them to myself until one of my friends ratted me out lol. I'm glad he did even though we're not friends today due to his own personal issues. Anyways, back to the relationship, I was given the opportunity to webcam with her last month and wow! She's beautiful and I love to see her every chance I get. I finally was able to webcam with her like a week and a half ago. My webcam was in the main room so it was hard to get like any privacy with people in and out of the house. Then I realized I had a webcam on my laptop DERP . Yeah, we usually webcam everyday now. I loveeeeee it :]. Her voice is really nice too, I like when she starts singing. Eh, still trying to convince her to let me see her dance on the webcam since she enjoys that. As for meeting the person you've met online that's a big step. I'm hoping soon I get to meet her. Complications have made it so meeting anytime soon wouldn't be the best situation. We've talked about a couple months, so I'm crossing my fingers . I'm content with not meeting for awhile if things have to be that way. I'd be sad but hey things happen. I have no doubt she is the person she says she is. I don't even consider that she is hiding anything from me or being fake. I have complete trust in her. She might be wary of me though and I can understand people taking precautions. Eventually she will see I'm just as true as she is. She's sleeping right now! >:[ I want her to wake up, so we can talk before I have to go to class. Hehe, and so I can see her pretty smile and eyes. She's really nice and my life has changed considerably since we started talking. Especially my outlook on life. The relationship to me is just as real as any other. I seriously am putting my heart on the line for this girl and I would be devastated if something happened. The feelings are real and I don't want to think of anything negative. So, I am always trying to be optimistic :]. I loveeeee my internet girly!
  15. You know you've played a game too long when you believe you'll respawn if you die. FYI: There are no respawn points on earth maybe in the next patch.
  16. I agree that could be a problem but majority of these cases people never recover. If they do it takes many years and by then the bill is +$$. You basically wouldn't want to be alive lol. Hmm, anyways I don't deny there are extremely rare cases where people recover in months and I can see the families hoping for that 'chance'. It's just very unlikely especially with my luck lol.
  17. I'd probably want them to pull the plug and allow me to passively die from my illness. The financial aspect plays a big role in my choice to die. Also, the pain of everyone around me and giving them false hope would be a big factor. The doctors, nurses and my family would be /sadface seeing me in that state. I wouldn't want to rack up that bill and leave it to my family especially since my death would be inevitable. Prolong my life for a couple months only to have people suffer and pay for it. I'd be totally selfish and I couldn't live with that guilt knowing I left my family with a burden like that. I'd accept death willingly if that was the situation. If I was in a coma or brain dead, I would leave it up to my family to decide whether or not I have a shot at recovering. They would be allowed to determine to unplug vs plug. I'd trust their judgement 100% and in the event I died, well they probably knew what was best for me. As I previously mentioned, I wouldn't want to rack up a bill.
  18. Well, if something doesn't destroy the world sooner than the black hole that has 5.7 billion times the mass of the sun will. (I think the sun has like 1.7 billion times the mass of the earth?) So, in terms of how big the black hole is compared to earth is like 5.7 billion x 1.7 billion? Some absolute crazy number lol . That black hole of course is thousands of years of away, so for the time being maybe the zombie apocolypse will occur. I mean, it's already started right?
  19. If I was a dragon, I'd be protective of other dragons. Eat all the bad dragons and ensure all the dragon race was civil or else NOMNOMNOMNMMM.
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    Well, this will always be a sensitive topic between others. I still believe under certain circumstances the abortion can be justified. You can tell me otherwise but in my eyes I would not want a child to suffer for the rest of their life. Some children will have impairments but will still be able to get by. That's okay! So, in some cases I will say abortion would not be alright! As I previously mentioned rape, life threatening conditions to the mother and child should be understandable throughout society. Also, I still believe if your partner would make having the child unbearable and you were stuck in that situation, that you could also see an abortion as an option. People can argue either way but both sides have great points. People who are for and people who are against.