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  1. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    I swipe yur skywing den replase with another skywing WINWIN SOLUTION!
  2. In my experience, not much, but it'd up the value if you got a few and hatched them. They're pretty much a common uncommon.
  3. I think this would be very convenient. +1 supporter~
  4. I'll keep it then. Thanks, sheppardkid, for the offer. ^^ I seem to be having luck with whites today.
  5. http://dragcave.net/lineage/fXS9H Another white, but from alt rosebud (whitexblue) I'm not sure if I should throw it back. I kind of want too, but there's only one of that alt... Do you guys think I should?
  6. 10? uhm. 1.How fast I can type. I'm proud. 2.I hardly ever get bothered by something. 3.I've got common sense. 4.With reading comes vocabulary, and with vocabulary comes grammar, and with more reading comes speed. 5.My creativity. Random ideas. They often get put down a lot. 6.My luck in dragcave. Started around two months ago. 7.I can memorize quite well if I put my mind to it. If I don't, behold, a mere 10 seconds later it is gone from my memory! 8.I do NOT deal with BS, whatsoever. That includes emo stuff people fling on me, and just things that are really messed up. 9.I love the way I think, and my abilities. 10.Not sure where I'm going with this life. Perhaps I am just a filler. I don't really love myself, and pretty much of a loner. It seems like everybody but me is a derp sometimes, and those who aren't derps betray easily.
  7. Silvertail Silvertail was going to be the name for my swallowtail girl. Silvertail, Silvertails, Silvertailed were all taken. argh.
  8. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Swipes red and magis*
  9. That's not nice That's awesome Thanks!
  10. Cefie

    Worst rare egg

    Papers. I don't like the adult sprite.
  11. Boy. MLP's a kid's show. Ponies are ponies. If somehow older people like it, then they do. What's up with bronies vs. other people? and where the heck are the pegasisters
  12. A:8. N:6. S:7. No colarz Edit: A:3 N:6 S:5 I don't particularly like weasels..
  13. Why would anybody abandon this http://dragcave.net/lineage/Gl1El