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  1. Neglected experiments, supposedly. Sad because a baby that went to the AP for lack of magis is in there.
  2. I'm watching you, kiddo One misstep and you're gone
  3. Wow. Who would have thought I could type so awesomely with my eyes closed? Y'know, somebody should give us all one so hard even the hardcore typists wouldn't get it. Something like this: LAWLAWLAWLAWLAWLAWLAWLAWLAWL YOU CANT MEMORIZE IT HARHARHARHARHAR I has PunctuaTIons and stufFFFFF's heehee. Expaliodociouseaeew! weeweeeweee Due to level of complexity, here is an alternative: Hello, I was incapable of typing the above, so here I am.
  4. Did you enjoy watching the Olympics? Personal answer: Nope. Type: Caramel ice cream is the best in the world, and so is vanilla. I'm rather cold and scared, and shaking.
  5. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    I'll take your holidays, too, thanks
  6. Brownie overload. I don't know, maybe I can beat you.
  7. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    You can catch one easily sometime in the Alpine. (a pillow) ^^ I want your white hatchie He followed me home
  8. Whatchu doin here huh whaddo you want grrrr
  9. No wonder you guys are spamming the games section 3/10 too. I just met you two. o-O
  10. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    Your scroll is like BAMN to the eyes I take holidays
  11. I actually threw that guy back into the AP first. There was a massload of them I kept a few of the prettier ones
  12. The brownies have germs all over them I took the win and walked away without a trace
  13. 3/10? I don't really see you around
  14. What's CPA stand for? Lagie loves ducks and turtles, and thinks all of them are her kids and she keeps them in her pool.
  15. I learned something interesting about a random person I don't know today Blackdragon71 is secretly an old guy cackling madly
  16. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    o-o You need to restart because everything on your scroll came to mine and grew up in 1 second.
  17. Cefie

    Swipe A Dragon!

    Not really. I take your shallow water