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  1. The last 5minute I didn't see a brine I saw a magi in the desert. 2 Leaf 1 Rancid No brine Saving my last spot for brine, if not I'll settle for secondbest (rancid)
  2. Anybody snatch more than two brines, please send some of us one of them. I'm going to try for maybe half an hour more.
  3. My browser has failed me It failed me RIGHT when the eggs dropped My trust in google chrome has dropped severely
  4. I'm a master clicker but my internet is so horrible whenever it hits exactly the 00 or 05 mark it pauses, becomes a white blank page which i swear is mocking me and then i see one brine egg and of course i don't get it i feel like i'm being trolled. I really want one, thanks to you guys. auuuuuugh. I hope i get one at the hourly. If I don't, I'm goin' to sleep and going to wait for tomorrow. THREE MORE MINUTES -squinting-
  5. Gaaaaaah I've been sitting at the coast, refreshing for a chance at the 5-minute drop I've seen them each time, clicked on it each time, and each time I fail to click it fast enough. I MUST be third in clicking that, I was refreshing, my eyes locked on the target area, and the instant I saw an egg I just clicked without looking. I will get one. What's better about the hourly drops? More eggs?
  6. I'd like to be added. Thanks.