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  1. Took me forever to connect to this forum finally

    And the lag on the actual website.. ;-;

    Well, got my four eggs finally

    Waiting for my two pre-releases to hatch so I can get two more.

    People are letting up on the biomes now, though, so there's no more lag. c:

  2. A little question, though it may be just me being paranoid.


    When I hunt in the cave, I use firefox, and in Options I turn off Images and Javascript. That makes the page load sometimes 3 times faster, so I have a better chance of getting the eggs I want. Thing is, I think other browsers don't have that option. Does it count like cheating or is it allowed? I know everyone could download firefox and do that, but I want to be sure 'cause I don't want my scroll deleted.

    I think it might be allowed - I used it for the last release, except on Opera.

  3. Yes yes praise me more! xd.png Actually I'm just glad it seems to work. Anyway I'm pretty sure I promised you trebl x clef ages ago and then forgot about it? (organization? ha - only a thin illusion) so that doesn't count.


    Ann0y - super amazing gj!


    Also gifting:

    cb dark myst pygmy manages to identify garden equipment : uaHoE wink.gif

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


    Thank you!

    Now, if I could find a matching pygmy with a cool code..

  4. Abortion's a choice.

    It depends on if you want the baby in your life.

    There are those who didn't want the baby at all, but the baby was forced upon them.

    Then there are those who are horrible people and care only about their appearance.


    It all really depends on the situation.

  5. I make personal projects, im too lazy to do ND experiments... And i havnt got any metellics tmyet so working on that.


    Im creating an electric army.


    And im going to do a lonnnggg stairstep lineage of random CB dragons biggrin.gif

    If you wouldn't mind giving me one egg from a random place in your stairstep, I'd love to create a branching project that's the same as yours.




  6. Eh.

    Been getting tons and tons of pretty lineaged things.

    Also working on Faery Seasonal stairstep and Oceanwave and Costal lineage project. My one costal pair hates me.


    Ha, I need much much more to complete my scroll. Almost to silver trophy, though, woohoo!



  7. So they released a special SDCC Derpy pony...


    I kind of really want it but people are asking $50+ for it on ebay

    (When they sold it at the hasbro booth for $10)




    user posted image


    The packaging is even awesome... I wouldn't even open it.


    user posted image

    Eh. Don't see the hype about the packaging, and not too fond of the doll. Saw it on Amazon for 150. Not worth it.


    I like fluttershy best.


  8. I consider something an army when I see somebody have over 1,000 of them.

    That's a real army.

    Real real armies have tens of thousands. So basing on that. ;o


    I don't think I'll be starting any armies soon, but I'll see what my new favorite breed will be.

    It's currently girl silvers.

    Never going to be able to get 1,000 of those. xd.png

  9. I don't mind either way whether or not a message pops up, but if it's that much of a hassle for a simple message to pop up in case you didn't know you would breed an inbred egg, then no. Otherwise, sure. I do check long-lineaged eggs with an inbred checker if I want to breed it, but having a message pop up would be a lot easier. Then again, the hassle.

  10. What is the worth of a cb black?

    IMO not that much but it seems other people like them, so bunches of uncommon uncommons (nebs, gw, the sort) or bunches of unbreedables. The highly-sought after uncommons and you might be able to get a poorly lineaged metallic for one. Might.