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    Classical music,academics,dragons(especially welsh ),fairytales ,reading,memories and cucumber!! Oh and I am home-educated and LOVING IT!!! I'll breed anything on my scroll for a nice pm. My giftees can do what they like with my dragon - trying to name them would be good though! I don't believe in mass sacrafices on halloween ( but hey they're your dragons) . I love pillow dragons!!!!!!! I've recently become less active on the site, this then means I am more lucrative when giving away dragons, so basically if you fancy anything off my scroll ask and you'll get it :). Obviously that will be a case of as soon as I can get it for you. I am now opening lists for my rarer dragons so I can keep track of back logs, lists will be created for the following dragons:purple,red,magi,pink,summer and silver tinsel. If you want to be added pm me, you're likely to get one quicker if you're on the list as there is no chance of me forgetting about you lol :). So yeah, anyhting you need,help,advice or dragons let me know and I'll see what I can do :)