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  1. Finally, they started the journey to Sunagakure. Shiroi took one of the sunglasses offered by Kai-sensei and put them on quickly. She did not say much as the journey progressed, while there seemed to be a more affectionate interaction between two of the other Academy Students, from her point of view. As she shuffled behind the teachers, she accidently kicked against something. She bent down, trying to find what she had stepped on. To her surprise, a shiny object was glinting in the sunlight. She knelt down and picked it up, thinking to herself, Wow, a Silver Necklace! It looks really pretty. She quickly slipped the necklace into her pocket and caught up with the group. Shiroi said aloud((Any of the senseis can answer.)), Sensei, I found a Silver Necklace just now, any idea what it might do? ((EDIT: Ryu: 1- Thanks, I edited it. 2- Wasn't it found by Shiroi's feet? ))
  2. After putting the last items in her checklist into her backpack, Shiroi wondered if everything would be more convenient if she could transport them in a summoning scroll. Then again, it was not like she had the skill of making the scroll. She laughed at her own silly thoughts and put on her backpack. She went down the stairs shouting, "Ittekimasu(I'm heading out)!" Her mother, who was still in the kitchen, shouted back, "Itterasshai(See you later)!" Shiroi took her time, strolling through the streets of Konohagakure. When she reached the entrance of the village, she saw Hyuuga-sensei and Kaiser. She slowly walked up to them and bowed to Hyuuga-sensei, before turning to Kaiser and saying, "Hello. We're early, aren't we?"
  3. Sorry I haven't been replying lately, I'm still deciding what to do about that Kingler. D: I glanced through stromzone's abilities, Blitzle seems to have 2 powerful abilities. Lightningrod negates Electric damage, Sap Sipper negates Grass damage AND powers up the Attack stat. Should he just choose 1 instead?
  4. The arrival of another shinobi, presumable a Jounin, startled Shiroi. She thought, Another substitute teacher? How many would we have? The mention of the trip to Sunagakure excited her, yet worried her at the same time. And apparently, the newly arrived shinobi was going to join them as well. "More teachers to protect us, I guess...", she muttered to herself. "Why dont you all run off and get prepared for the trip, you know say goodbye to parents and all that." Shiroi herself dispersed with the crowd of Academy students. She needed time to pack as well. The trip to Sunagakure was going to take at least, 3 days, probably more since they were just Academy students. When she arrived back at her house, she went straight to the kitchen to find her mother, who was surprised to see her back so early from school. After notifying her mother of the trip, she quickly went to her room to pack for the trip.
  5. Oops sorry was directing it towards @Kursedfire.
  6. Made it 50% smaller. You can do it on Paint. Click and drag your image over to paint. Click "Image", then "Resize" to whatever percentage size of the original you want. Hope this helps.
  7. Totally forgot to do updates. :X Trainer: Morty Currently At: Route 3 Item Found: Net Ball Total Items: ∞ Pokeball, TM09 Venoshock I believe I found it at Greenwood Forest though... Trainer: Morty Currently At: Route 3 Your Pokemon: Sewaddle/9/Female/Kurumori Pokemon Battled: Glameow/10 Battle Outcome: Caught the pokemon Items: ∞ Pokeball Did not initiate battle, befriended pokemon.
  8. Morty laughed to himself as he picked up the pokeball, "Well that didn't go too bad, if I say so myself!" He held his new Glameow's pokeball in his hand, still unsure of what to name it. He watched as the pokeball shrinked to a smaller size, indicating that it was inactive. He smiled and put the shrunken pokeball into his pocket. He called out Kurumori, letting her sit on his shoulder while he walked along Route 3. Morty soon came to a bridge and thought that it would be a perfect place to enjoy his breakfast. He took of his shoes and socks and placed his feet into the cool, running water. "Ahh, this is it!" He said in pleasure as he relieved his sore feet. Kurumori chirped in agreement. As he took out some bread, he noticed something tickling his feet. Morty started giggling, almost causing Kurumori to fall off his shoulder. Kurumori pouted at him as he apologised, he then looked for the cause of the trouble. ((A pokemon encounter please. ))
  9. Shiroi watched on as two of the students raised their hands to answer Hatake-sensei's question about the difference between precision and accuracy. She giggled a little when Hatake-sensei demonstrated the different characteristics a shinobi could imbue into his or her kunai throw. She thought he was showing off his skills a little, since he said that he would not be teaching them any of that during that lesson. When he asked of the students to form up two lines, Shiroi queued up at the left target's line. She was somewhere in the middle, giving her time to think as per Hatake-sensei's instructions, as well as not being too far behind. She thought of including a ninjutsu that would freeze the target but decided otherwise. Being plain and simple was sometimes, the better option.
  10. Well that was fast. Morty thought as the Oran Berry quickly disappeared down the Glameow's gullet. He petted the Glameow again, smiling as he did so. He took out an Oran Berry, as well as an empty pokeball. He placed them side by side on the ground and looked at the Glameow, "Would you like to come with me? If you don't it's fine. Just have the Oran Berry." Morty smiled earnestly and waited for the Glameow to make its decision.
  11. Shiroi woke up late, again. For most of her life as an Academy student, she had been consistently arriving at the Academy late. It had become such a habit that the teachers no longer did anything to her when she stepped into class, a little later than the rest. However, her parents have continuously reminded her to be punctual, something a shinobi should be. Try as they might, she never wakes up on time. Shiroi grabbed a clingwrapped sandwich her mother had made and bounced out of the door, hastily making her way to the Academy. She was quite a speedy student, and it also helped that she lived quite close to the Academy, in one of the many houses in Konohagakure. When she arrived at the Academy, she saw that none of the students were in class. She thought, Perhaps I should head to the field and check? Once again, Shiroi quickly made her way towards the field. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the group of students. "As you all know, we'll be doing kunai training today, but before we begin, are there any questions?" "Sorry I'm late, sensei." Shiroi bowed before joining the class. Even though she was always late, she always apologised. Some may criticise her turning her apologies meaningless by committing the same mistake over and over again, but she felt that it was appropriate to apologise nonetheless.
  12. ((I’ll try to catch it without a battle, will that do? )) While the pokemon was rubbing itself on his leg intently, Morty took out his pokedex, trying to identify that pokemon. The pokedex responded by turning on and identifying the pokemon as “Glameow”. Glameow, huh. It seems really nice though... Being affectionate and all. He squatted down and started rubbing the Glameow’s head gently, causing the Glameow to purr with pleasure. Morty opened his sling bag and took out an Oran Berry, offering it to the Glameow, ”Here you go, dear Glameow.” Morty smiled as he placed the Oran Berry on his palm.
  13. Name: Shiroi Yuki Bloodlimit/Curse Mark: Ice Release Height: 140cm Weight: 45kg Age: 10 Gender: Female Alignment: Konohagakure Birth Country: Land of Fire Village: Konohagakure Rank: Genin Primary Weapon: Metal Fan- A small handheld fan that can serve as a Kunai, not to be thrown but as a hand-to-hand combat weapon. It also serves as a medium for some of her jutsus. Character Depth/Family: Mother – Kaori Yuki Father – Konohagakure shinobi (unnamed) Personality: She is usually reserved, since she cannot reveal much of her family’s history to other people. However, she will warm up to certain close friends, but will still keep mum about her family. She finds it easier to just not talk at all, rather than to keep on avoiding the topic of her family. She appears relatively cheerful, with a smile on her face most of the time. Many have mistaken her to be mute. Appearance: She has long, raven-black hair, up to her waist, but she usually ties it up into a high ponytail with a white ribbon. She has pale skin and large hazel eyes. Her Konoha forehead protector is worn on her neck, as a choker. She wears a white tank top and a navy mini-skirt with black shorts. She wears standard shinobi sandals. Her metal fan hangs on her waist. Background/History: Shiroi’s grandparents escaped to the Land of Fire during the extermination of the Yuki Clan during the civil war in the Land of Water. They lived as normal villagers until Kaori Yuki, Shiroi’s mother, ran away from home, due to an overwhelming desire to avenge her people by becoming a shinobi. As she(Kaori) grew older, she began to realise that her dream of revenge was one of selfish desires and not how she was brought up, in the Land of Fire, with the Will of Fire. She eventually gave up and returned to her parents’ home, only to discover that they have already passed away due to old age. With nowhere to go, she went back to Konohagakure, where she learnt the ways of the shinobi, to start a family there. Hence, Shiroi was born from the marriage of Kaori and her partner. Shiroi was sent to the Konoha Ninja Academy to learn to be a shinobi. Kaori also placed her there in hopes that she would learn about the Will of Fire, helping her strengthen her personal conviction, as well as moral direction. Technique Levels: Genin-1000 points, 1 nature Ninjutsu: 800/1000 Genjutsu: 100/1000 Taijutsu: 50/1000 Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): 50/1000 Chakra Nature: Ice (Water and Wind) Health and Chakra Points: Health- 100 Chakra- 70 Jutsu's: Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Jutsu) Hyouton: Tsubame Fubuki (Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm) Hyouton: Haryū Mōko (Ice Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger) Hyouton: Kokuryū Bōfūsetsu (Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard) Hyouton: Makyō Hyōshō (Ice Release: Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors)
  14. ((Sorry, I haven't been posting on this RP lately. )) The light of the sun shone through the thick canopy, causing thin streams of light that filtered down on the ground. Morty was awoken by a buzzing noise, a different one from yesterday. This one sounded more like, normal, bug buzz noises. He drowsily packed his sleeping bag, back into his sling bag and walked unsteadily towards the river, intending to refresh himself with a few splashes of water before heading to Route 3. Morty knelt down and started to wash his face, splashing the icy cold water of the river onto his cheeks and eyes. He suddenly thought, Won't I be out of this forest if I follow this river? According to the map, the river flows right to Route 3 too! He patted himself on his back, praising himself for his "ingenuity". Morty patted his face dry with a towel from his bag and stood up, walking along the side of the river. He hummed a merry song, in his joy to finally get some progress. However, to Morty's dismay, he found out that the end of the river at Greenwood Forest was blocked by many trees. He saw a bridge as the only way to move forward, as well as a designated well-trodden path. He heaved a sigh of relief and continued on the route in Greenwood Forest. Soon enough, he spotted the exit of the forest and walked through it. --Route 3-- Morty looked towards the side and saw the same river that flowed through the forest, but it seemed very different compared to the section that flowed through the forest. In the forest, there seemed to be no pokemon, while in Route 3, the river was teeming with different Water-type pokemon. Morty wondered if he should catch another Water-type for his team. As he walked along the river, something brushed upon his leg. He looked down and saw a pokemon! ((An encounter please. Hopefully a Surskit. Hehe.)) ((EDIT: We're really going pixel by pixel? >_< Sorry, I'll edit the post to make it fit.))
  15. Is it also something along the lines of "If you don't have __ badge, pokemon up to level XX won't obey you." kind of thing?
  16. ((I'm sorry but this is getting a little confusing for me. I'm assuming Evangeline is referring to the Black elements as a whole, i.e. Darkness, Ice, Earth and Water, while Fortune is referring just to the Darkness element? Is that correct? In that case, Fortune is saying that healing by Light users will only not affect Darkness users, while the rest of the Black elements, i.e. Ice, Earth and Water, will be able to be healed by Light users. Am I right? )) EDIT: ((Alright thanks a bunch Fortune. )) Selene's eyes closed as she enjoyed a smooth, warm feeling gushing through her body as pink light enveloped her. After a while, the feeling vanished in the same manner as it came, slowly receeding back into wherever it came from. When she opened her eyes, the scratches and scars she had were all gone. She thought in amazement, Probably the wonders of the healing that the Light users do... She briskly walked out of the infirmary, together with the rest of the Students, to the mess hall, so that Rosa would be able to treat both Kuo and Ceil.
  17. Turns out the item that tripped him was a pokeball, another blue one, although the design was slightly different from the Great Ball he had in his bag. It had criss-cross markings around the top blue half of the ball, he would have to ask the staff at the Pokemon Mart when he goes to one next time. Strangely enough, when he picked up the pokeball, the irritating humming sound stopped. The forest gradually quietened down as the sun dropped, ever so slowly, letting the moon’s light illuminate the landscape. Morty decided that it would be tiresome to travel through the night and decided to set up camp where he was. He packed his map back into his bag and took out his sleeping bag, unrolling it to prepare for the night. His stomach rumbled as he realised that he had yet to eat dinner. He took out his lunch box and stared at what remained inside, which seemed really little. He ate whatever remained in the box and took out an Oran Berry, wondering if he should eat it or save it for his pokemon. His stomach rumbled again and that confirmed his decision. In a few bites, the Oran Berry was gone and he was satiated, at least for now, probably not for long though. He curled up inside the sleeping bag and soon fell fast asleep.
  18. The sun sat lazily on the horizon, Morty couldn’t help but to get more frustrated as he seemed to walk in circles, throughout the forest. He looked at his map and was puzzled that he was not anywhere closer to the forest’s exit as time passed. The evening sun glowed in a beautiful orange as it seemed to be placed perfectly in the midst of the canopy. Morty almost gave up looking at his map and tripped over something on the floor. His map fell onto the ground as he lost his grip. He cursed inwardly at himself as he examined the item that caused him to trip. ((An item please.)) ((I'll do a "sleeping" post after this one.))
  19. The trouble was finally over as they returned to the Academy. Selene heaved a sigh of relief, it had been too nerve-wrecking an experience. Sure, they were more to come, but on the first few days of being a Student? It was still rather terrifying. "Everybody off and to the infirmary. I want Rosa to take a look at all of you." She headed off with the rest of the Students to the infirmary, under Ceil’s instructions. They all looked dirty and battered. She queued in line for Rosa, supposedly she could take a look at the wounds they sustained and do something about it. Selene looked at herself as she brushed away dirt on her sweater using her bare hands, come to think of it, she had not really sustained much injuries, not being part of the major battle between the Adamantoise and the Louse, maybe just a few scratches here and there from the battle with the Ifrits. She was thankful for that, seeing that some of the other Students sustained rather serious injuries. She was filled with worry and hoped that they would get well soon with Rosa’s help.
  20. Selene stifled a gasp of horror as she saw the Titan... Her eyes were filled with fear and as Diana fell down from Seth, she opened her mouth in an involuntary act of screaming, but no sound came out. She quickly grasped hold of one of Seth's spines near her as Seth dropped to catch both Ceil, who had slid off to rescue Diana, as well as Diana herself. The Titan was moving in, closing in for an attack and she desperately hoped that they would survive the grim situation.
  21. Jealous of the awesome "Event" pokemon people are getting. A Ferroseed. And a Rotom. Anyways, just thought I'd say welcome to the new people (myahoo and DragonGirl - who made an application in the Character's thread...) who joined the RP. And to show that I'm still alive.
  22. Have you advertised the thread on the RP Bulletin? Maybe that would help, a little.
  23. Alright sure. Should I put up my post before or after you make the event post? Oh Ryu, Morty's Solosis has learned Hidden Power, could you do a randomiser for me please? Or should I do it myself? Thanks!
  24. Oh cool new pokemon! Ryu, should I move on to Route 3 first or continue just finish up Route 2 "today"?