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  1. Well the leetle trees have returned to normal and the eggs are still there, I think it's pretty safe to say they are staying
  2. About to try that now Edit: They can also be traded
  3. Well, the cooldown on my eggs is gone and I can confirm that you can indeed enter the 'abandon' screen for the eggs (not risking abandoning it)
  4. I wonder if TJ is that mean lmao
  5. Omg the hatchling gendered!
  6. Yeah, a few people have earlier in the thread
  7. The hatchling no longer has any markings it's completely the same colour of the eggs
  8. once someone is off cooldown they'll be able to confirm if you can trade them or not
  9. I hope not, that would be frustrating Edit: The first egg hatched and the hatchi looks so awesome!
  10. I did that with a sapphire earlier lmao, wasn't expecting older eggs to come through the waves
  11. Well I have five of the new eggs and one sapphire (idk how that got into the biome lmao) I'm pretty content with what I've got and I can't wait to see what they'll hatch into. From the look of the egg I'm thinking it could be a glass dragon
  12. It's working again for me too
  13. So I got two eggs and now I can't seem to load up Dragon Cave anymore... I just get a 502 Bad Gateway, anyone else getting this?
  14. Omg why did I have to be egglocked >.< Will these only be released for one day?
  15. has anyone been able to attract a Thunder by any chance?
  16. I chose my PB Thunder for the event but all that's showing up is a Falconiform Wyvern >.> Does only one possible mate come a day or it it random when it'll change?
  17. ah, thanks. It wasn't there before
  18. what badge??? I can't seem to find it >.<
  19. Currently scroll locked with 5 of the eggs can't wait to see what they hatch into
  20. Same here in SA, we're meant to get thunderstorms soon too... Hope it doesn't take out my internet >.< That would really suck
  21. It's at around 2:30pm for me nothing in my lap except my laptop lol
  22. so when are the new eggs being released? Is it tonight at midnight or tomorrow night at midnight? I'm so confused >.<
  23. 45 out of 55 so far in one day... gee guys I don't think I'll get them all