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  1. ahh thank you so much @Fuzzbucket and @Ruby Eyes !! Fixed the problem by just taking out all the spaces in between the images and then adding them back in.
  2. My signature keeps not saving because it has "too many images" even though the limit is 10 and I'm only at 7, but every time I try to add another it tells me it has too many again. Also, didn't it used to be the size that mattered? My images are tiny badges and other people have massive signatures and how does that equal the same thing??
  3. keep: nexus abandon: carina kill: seasonal winter Zyumorph, Ultraviolet, Black
  4. I love seeing everyone's designs! so many awesome ones! But @Cygnet... my jaw dropped... perfection! It looks amazing. I tried to last minute do something cool with mine, deleted all my snow cannons (should have counted how many I had before lol), built a maze... but somewhere along the way I got lost in just wanting ALL THE DECORATIONS 🙈 oh well. I kept a nice symmetrical design in the last snow wars, this one's allowed to be crazy 😆
  5. I was so inspired by everyone else's cool designs so I tried to do something cool with mine but in the end I couldn't sacrifice any decorations (see: neat and tidy back, chaotic front) 🙈
  6. wait haven't you all discovered the golden statue yet that finds your resources for you?? Also, is level 50 the highest? My status bar keeps going down and then filling up again when I attack.
  7. I've still only managed to catch one of the new dragons, and I've been sitting watching the clock the past few days... why are these so hard?? When do they stop dropping btw?
  8. so... I feel like I'm missing something here... with the new release yesterday. I haven't even *seen* any new eggs. I haven't seen empty biomes from people taking all the eggs. Everything in the cave looks like any other day and I'm so confused, I've been looking the past few days and... nothing? They are dropping in the cave right? Or is there a BSA I'm missing or... I don't even know what lol.
  9. oh my freakin goodness all these things are amazing, so so amazing, but most of all MY SUGGESTION FOR SORTING INTO GROUPS IS IN THERE!!! oh my gosh that ALONE makes this game so much more playable for me thank you so much TJ all these updates are awesome now what to do with all these eggs I just picked up the other day...
  10. yeah I hadn't even thought of tags! That's an awesome idea!
  11. I don't know how people do it, honestly. I achieved gold trophy status quite some time ago, and basically have had to give up on my breeding projects. I just can't keep track of all my dragons anymore. There are so many of them! So many names! So many long pages they could be on! It would be amazing if there was a way to make sub-scrolls, so I could sort pairs vs. singles, pairs with projects vs. pairs without, exec. It also doesn't seem like it would be a huge coding change (though what do I know I've never built a site) so a pretty feasible thing that wouldn't really change the game, it would just... give me less of a headache? Haha.
  12. those look so cool! Thanks TJ!!!
  13. First Dark Green I picked up hatched out to be an Alt o_O
  14. I loved the event!! RPGs are my favorite
  15. awesome! I love these RP style games
  16. yes, those are beautiful! I'm adding one right now
  17. hey, would you be interested in making one for the newest Halloween egg? I just realized I don't have a badge for that, and I really like your stuff.
  18. these are awesome! Thank you!
  19. It's very nice! The only thing I would say I would change, is that I could use some more, thicker hair. I know hair can be hard to do though. Just some good ol' honest critique!
  20. And I would like myself (you know what I look like, lol) riding my Cavern Lurker, Fatuma, into the sunrise, with a Pygmy on my shoulder. We're off to hunt for eggs.
  21. thanks so much! I love how it looks like his eye is glowing.
  22. Hey when you're open could you draw a nebula stage 1 hatchling for me? (love the mint, btw)
  23. I'll join! I'll keep them all in one place and maybe keep all their names related... I'll have to see. I'll of course let you know once I actually start to collect them.