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  1. I completely forgot about today's release!
  2. Oh my epic god! They are gorgeous!!!
  3. I love the hatchies!!! I'm having a hard time deciding which one of the new dragons is my favorite, they're all so awesome!! Thanks TJ!
  4. Too much people!! My sister is clicking like crazy but we won't stand a chance, cool though
  5. Time seems to be dragging... it's taking so long!! 4 minutes had never been so long before!!
  6. Oh dear, I'm fully locked with 4 coppers, 1 hybrid, and 2 shimmers .-. now I'll have to wait an eternity to get the new ones -.-
  7. Today's not going so great for me lol not even one of today's eggs I'll stalk the biomes until I get them *-*
  8. so I have 45 out of 51... 30 minutes lefts there's no way I'm getting the rest, but hey! This was so fun!
  9. Yes, I'm a stalker Lol I've been around for a while You're the one stalking me!
  10. yes I'm always watching you
  11. Am I the only one clicking april's fool eggs just to see how they look?
  12. My Wish Was Granted Dragon and Requirements: Stripe, CB Recipient: LorePMejia Giver: Finz Point Cost: 20 My Current Total: 33 (already subtracting the point cost)
  13. Couldn't even get a missclick, people who have them up for trade don't answer their PMs and the whole biome was emptied within one minute... This looks like The Hunger Games
  14. This is so ridiculous... silly shiny eggs -.-
  15. shut .-. I don't stand a chance!
  16. Jum! We need a Z member then! I'm staying! I Am Wishing Type of Dragon: Stripe Requirements: CB Total Point Cost: 20
  17. Wow, I just saw Walker's post about the dragon and I need to say that I love the dragon has a lot of background, I love the concept, I love the sprite and I'm dying to pair them with whites and blusangs May even try neotropical just for the colors. Congrats to Corteo and Walker, you did an awesome job. Edit: LOL I just noticed TJ reverted once of his dragons and froze "bouquet" I was kind of confused that he actually had let them both grow up.
  18. Thank you Shikaru!! Omg I love this breed, I've loved this valentine event here I really want to see the alt, I saw the hatchie already and I wonder how the adult looks like, we should have a SAD dragon
  19. I love the adult sprite!! I already have ideas about pairing them Has Corteo said anything about the breed? (Too many pages to go back) And where are we with the lolgardenia?
  20. I think I'll give up with all of these o.O That gardenia came out of nowhere and I think I'll just hope to get one, I suck at mistery-solving so I don't have any theory of how to get it In other news my eggs hatched They look like bubblegum!!! And I lost a bet to my sister so I now have to fill up her vase with white columbines and then embellish it with other colors o_o
  21. I use an ace too and just tried to use the drop down menu to select the type of flower, but it isn't working for me either :s
  22. I know she has one on her vase, but I was responding to someone who said that maybe only the spriter/tj could send it, we already know she can't send the flower, yet that doesn't mean she can't receive it or have one on her vase o.o Now question: who spotted the lol gardenia first? they created an amazing lot of speculations here I've been trying some hypothesis but nothing has worked so far
  23. Isn't Shikaru the spriter of the Gardenias? I think she is and she already said she can't sent the lol gardenia