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    Pokemon Go

    Got my third Giratina today! it is super finicky tho. A lot of people are having a hard time around here s: seems about only a fourth or so each raid, and we've had about 10-20 people each time
  2. Heyo! I'm Kava, current art student and dragon cave lurker o7 Sometimes I sprite! Would like to do it more often. Gonna try and update this occasionally with some of my favorite bits 🐎 ━━━━━━━━━━ ’
  3. Because there is a significant difference in quality between two items that represent that same product. If I were a showing a portfolio to a prospective employer, I would not use old pieces that cannot and do not reflect my current ability- even if I liked that piece when it was made. It would no longer be something I'd want to represent me, because it shows inconsistency between the other pieces I have, and portrays the idea that I am attached to work purely for the sake of nostalgia, and not on the merit of my ability to which it was made. You do not walk in to a meeting wearing a dress shoe on one foot and a beat up, half-tied sneaker on the other. As a business owner, you do not put out old, obviously outdated stock while you have countless better items in the back, just because you prefer the one old thing over several new. It's selfish, it's shoddy, and it gives onlookers and potential costumers a misguided idea of what they should expect. Some older sprites would likely not even necessitate entire revamps. The occasional touch up? Sure, maybe. But we cannot sit here and say that leaving blatantly broken sprites the way they are is okay, since a handful of people still like them -- because it's not. We are allowed to love the things for what they are, but it is unwise to keep them on a pedestal. Doing so does not allow them to change, for better or for worse. Defunct sprites have not ceased to exist because they were updated. They are still a part of DC. We are still allowed to cherish them, put them in our profiles, in signatures, avatars, etc etc. - but we as a userbase cannot cling onto them and suffocate the progress and betterment of the site because we prefer how the sprites looked 10 years ago.
  4. This is the thing that's been bothering me most about sprite updates. Everyone is free to enjoy site art for different aspects of appeal- but by no means does personal opinion or favor negate the fact that certain species just do not look good next to each other, not in terms of style, but purely off the basis of inconsistent art. For example: Dorsal and Melismor. Both wingless, sleek dragons, but two very different levels of spritework. If I was a passing visitor, I would not assume they came from the same site. Having this level of difference between new and old art is, quite frankly, not good.
  5. I am 100% behind sprite updates in all shapes and forms, wherever they are deemed necessary. Sometimes all that's needed is a quick brush up, though quite frankly I do see a couple sprites that would benefit from more than a few small anatomy tweaks. When comparing some of the older breeds to ones from the last 5 years, there's quite a palpable difference in quality that, tbh, I believe should not be there. Old art shouldn't be left to stagnate and rot purely for sentimental reasons; if the site is capable of doing better, than I firmly believe it should. We have such interesting breed concepts- it's such a shame to see some withering when we have the capacity and resources to improve them 😣 Exactly my sentiments as well. At the end of the day, DC is a business, and the dragons we collect are effectively products. Why not put our best foot forward?
  6. Kavalier

    Pokemon Go

    I hatched a shiny aron the other day! Was saving up for more ideal IVs that what I had prior, but his were good and overall it was too perfect the opportunity to pass up -
  7. Seems like the issue with the rear isn't quite as easy to see at the current sprite size, mostly because that back leg practically blends in with the tail. Both have similar colors and line structure, and the lack of shading doesn't help to differentiate which limb is which - It may be easier to have the rear follow the chest's perspective, as then the majority of the sprite and its most major facets (frills, head, upper torso, etc) will stay in the same position; example
  8. but he is broke. There are anatomical and shading issues. The pose shouldn't be possible, nor would it be comfortable - the rear end of the dragon is facing the viewer, but the chest is as well, resulting in two different perspective planes. All the while, there is no indication of this twist in the body. Spines really shouldn't be able to bend that way. Simply moving the far rear leg forward and the near one back (and also erasing the very back edges of the dorsal fins to get rid of the perspective differences) - would fix the positioning issues instantly.
  9. At one point I took up the nasty habit of grabbing whites off the AP and it never stopped.
  10. yes bls πŸ™Honestly, I do think it's time Dorsals have an update! They have a really streamlined and rad design that would benefit greatly from being touched up. It's been nearly a decade since they were made, but I think they're showing that age somewhat badly. That's not to say I don't love the older sprites too - I do. I'm nostalgic for when I started playing this game, but, with the progression of time, standards for art quality also progress. When compared to other sprites on DC, Dorsals imo now look really amateur. 😟 Why not give them more love and a much needed update? I understand the idea behind wanting to keep things the same (purely because they've been that way for so long and we're all used to it), but tbh the notion of purposefully stifling the site from making a better product sounds incredibly silly and counter intuitive to me πŸ‘Ž
  11. "cringey" i made the fatal error of looking through my PB account to the 'pixel art' I made five years ago the horror the horror
  12. I would like to set a record! Name of category: Dragon Hoarding Number of White Dragons: 800 Evidence: My Scroll
  13. I assumed the halloween drop would be three days long, I missed the CB eggs T^T Here's to trying to find some now
  14. 3/5 turned, two S1 hatchlings and one S2. Two other hatchlings disintegrated.
  15. I got three of PieMaster's Desipis alt offspring, threw one back though for someone else to get Also found an amazing marrow egg, kORVO
  16. Really suprised with this one I picked up recently, Boop!
  17. http://dragcave.net/view/cHoP6 Chop ... six Chop ... stix ? Or maybe he's an axemurderer coming around town, time seems fitting at least.
  18. In Minecraft I usually tend to lag a lot [even more so when it's multiplayer], so when I'm playing with my buddies and we're out mining or something, and when I leave the tab for a minute, I come back and I can just see through the blocks around me and below I see all these caves. First time this happened I start freaking out My bad internet trick got a little better and less scary when I started seeing dungeons in the ground- so i got a few small treats for having such a bad loading connection lol
  19. One has to take into account, though: Not everyone wants a 2G Shimmer/Tinsel. Personally my game doesn't depend on me getting one, so really I could care less. I know many others who don't both about rare lineages either. Throughout this topic I've seen it brought up that it would takes a large quantity of time to give all the players on the game a 2G- while probably a portion of those players couldn't care less. --EDIT: pardon if this has been brought up before : P
  20. I haven't done much reading of this thread but.. What would happen if we had a raffle every other or third year? Would the consequences be greater or lower than the current situation?
  21. I must admit, in my earlier post, there was no passion behind the words. But ooooh boy, believe me when I say there is now. I went back multiple pages (around page 70 of the blog), and to be honest, I was horrified with what I saw. Firstly, there was a post about am OC Creator made post demanding that their art be taken off the blog. The Admin of TP responded that since the creator was being "rude", they wouldn't take the pony off, and instead proclaimed that the creator ripped off another person's OC. Really now. If the original creator of an art piece you pretty much stole from them asks you to take it off, you have to bloody take it off. It doesn't matter if they are being "rude", YOU USED THE ART WITHOUT PERMISSION, and even better, neglected and mocked the fact that it was their art. And yet another thing (related to above reason) I just really hate about this blog: They take art without permission, but think it's fine anyway. Their reasoning? -They link back to the creator (which, in turn, allows the haters to have a field day in the comments section of the page.) -They say that once you post something on the internet, you're accepting that it will spread over the internet even if you don't want it to. So linking back solves all the problems in the world doesn't it? Picture taking a dragon from DC and putting it on another adoptables site, while still on DC. The other adoptables site says they can use the DC dragon since they're linking the origin of the dragon back to DC itself. ... no shiz don't work like dat. There is a little thing called 'art theft'; a part of art theft is using artwork without someone's permission. You can link all you want, but if the artist doesn't approve, there is a very good chance you'll be in trouble. Even at that, if you're gonna take someone's artwork, TELL THEM FIRST. Sure, you probably won't get half the OCs on the blog for people to mock, but that also means a lot less feelings and self-confidences won't get crushed for the sake of others to have a good laugh. Oh, yep, forgot another thing: "Acceptable" and "Non-acceptable" comments: Funny thing is, those are all pretty much the same I'm sure I'll find more stuff on this blog that'll enrage me more (One of the admin even hated on BronyDanceParty for having bad OCs in one of his videos). But right now, I just want to convay my sincerest apologies to anyone that had their OC mocked on that blog. v.v
  22. This. I discovered the blog due to this topic a few days ago, and I've gotten through a large portion of the thing. Some of it is funny when the OCs being posted are jokes, but when it's real people's artwork they put time into, and to see the way of them react when they find their prized work is being flamed on a blog of hate- you start to see things in a different light. They think people hate them, they start contradicting their skills- it's horrible to look at. Even anytime someone tries to defend their artwork or say they don't care about the blog in some form of written reaction, THAT as well gets posted on the blog, included with some snarky, sarcastic comment from the admin or random people that really makes things worse. If that isn't getting your self confidence pushed out the window I don't know what is. Honestly, IMO Pony OCs can be whatever the heck they want to be. I love neon, and I love rainbows, and I find a lot of the neon/rainbow ponies on the blog to actually be quite pretty (though yes some overly glowy ones do hurt my eyes). It is not one's place to say what is and what is not allowed in a OC. On the blog, mostly of what I recall being hated the most are the neon rainbow alicorns. Celestia and Luna are the only canon alicorns in the show, but that DOES NOT mean fans cannot create their own alicorns. If my own Pony OCs were to get on the blog, I probably wouldn't give a darn. Mainly because I'm used to asking for and accepting crits (and really not caring what people think of my art)- However, the people that get on these blogs AREN'T asking for crits. They like their OC the way it is; other people need to respect that. yeah I'm not sure what I blabbered here but, I do infact, read the blog every once in awhile- mainly just to look at other people's artwork.
  23. DC has now reached uncountable levels of awesomeness. cats