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  1. Got 2 of each of these. Now I just need successfully breed 2 Dusk Pygmys and 2 of the Coastal Zyumorph's and I'm all caught up on releases...lol
  2. Finding Coastal, Forest, and Jungle Zyumorphs. They seem to be allergic to me my current bad luck is that.
  3. Darn! With all the drama going on at my house I completely forgot to pick up this years Dragons....I feel so dumb now.
  4. Has anyone put together a list of what goes with what in the potions? I'm having a hard time figuring them all out. Also the ToT there's 57 of them right?
  5. I read, I think, that Silver's should drop next week? Or did I imagine I read that
  6. I try to get 2 of each new dragon, and I've done pretty good so far. Just need the Silver Luna and I'll be a happy camper
  7. Just checking to make sure I read everything right. Silver's aren't dropping yet? Correct?
  8. Don't need them...guess I'll continue to wait for the whites
  9. Are the blue ones still dropping?
  10. Got 2 golds, 2 bronze, 1 blue, need another blue and 2 whites. *EDIT* Just got my 2nd Blue so all i need now is the whites
  11. So blue and silver are the 2 egg colors i'm missing. Now to figure out when they drop.....
  12. I thought it was gold. I got two of those then
  13. well that's the only one i've got. I guess I don't understand the moon phases thing
  14. Am I right to assume that right now only the gold one can be caught
  15. What are Graves? *edited* NVM I figured it out, i've got them..lol I finally got 43 trick or Treat gifts.
  16. There's 24 items from the carnival and 37 treats to be found site wise correct?
  17. Got my 2 new eggs and out of 4 dead dragons i got 2 Zombies on my first attempts ever
  18. So the trophy for this looks like a tent/volcano thing? If so then i got it, if not then what's it look like This is the message i get from the maze: You visit the Graveyard. OH NO! You have found a Zombified Dragon! It's seen you! RUN!
  19. What's the trophy look like? Got my second shadow and second pumpkin, threw my 3 marrows in the AP once i can.
  20. I'd love to play on RoosterTeeth's Achievement City map....it looks like so much fun. Darn them for all the good things they think of
  21. They just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole.
  22. Thanks for the hard work. AoND has got to be one of my favorite places. Finally got to enter my scroll for my Guardian of Nature to grow up
  23. I love minecraft, but i can never settle on a world so often times create and delete.