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    Hi, everyone! I'm auster26, both on Dragon Cave and the forums. Here's my scroll if you'd like to view my dragons: http://dragcave.net/user/auster26

    My favorite types of dragons are Shimmers, Black dragons (especially the males, alt or not), caveborn commons, nicely lineaged Tinsels of any color, Paper dragons, Silver and Gold dragons (especially the males), Red dragons, and Cheese dragons. I absolutely adore even-gen dragons of any breed, so if you have any eggs/hatchies to spare, I'll happily take them off your hands! ^^

    My interests: Tumblr, Dragcave, Chicken Smoothie, being cynical, telling dumb jokes, being weird, and listening to music. c:

    My dragon wishlist (by how much I want/need them):
    Shimmer-Scale of any color, 2nd or 3rd gen would be amazing! :3
    A 13th even gen non-inbred dragon of any breed, if it's a hatchie it would be great if it was female ^^
    Any inbred hatchlings
    Caveborn common low-time eggs/hatchlings

    I can breed a Magma, Thunder, Ice, or anything else on my scroll for any of the listed eggs or hatchlings above, just PM me and I'll try to breed or catch almost anything you want me to. If I can't catch or breed the dragons you'd like, I'll keep trying until I find one or breed one. You can email me at austercat@yahoo.com if you're interested in trading, but I check my PMs here more often. ^.^