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  1. I've seen more people say that the biomes getting clogged up and not moving due to limits makes it difficult to CB hunt when someone is just missing a couple breeds. Clearly, being this early on in the season, there aren't enough people who need to catch up to having 2 CBs of each breed to warrant limits still existing. We're most definitely ready to completely remove limits starting next year. I'd say that even the new breed should be unlimited, at least for Valentine's Day since that really isn't a busy holiday. Halloween is probably busier for most than Valentine's Day. Also, this was discussed before, but the biomes should really be a continuous flow of eggs for all three holidays and never run out - that way, holidays are still not too stressful, and we can still have no limits. Along with the eggs being in the market, too. There's so much we can do to make it unlimited and not difficult to catch eggs.
  2. The biomes not dropping enough eggs is an issue, too. Whether you lift limits or not, all holidays should always have a constant stream of eggs going through. As long as that happened, I doubt anyone would have a problem with lifting limits.
  3. Do we get special rewards for being hit by a glitch? Or is that ridiculousness reserved for Sweetlings only?
  4. Sent you a friend request! My code is 8808 1713 0872 if anyone here hasn't added me yet!
  5. I'm also of the opinion that women should do what they want to do with their bodies. You want an abortion? Cool. You don't want an abortion? Cool. You agree with abortion? Cool. You disagree with abortion? Cool. Quite honestly, I'd say people against abortion are the ones in the wrong in the whole situation, but not because of their opinion. It's because they want to shove their opinion down everyone's throats by customizing the world as they see fit by limiting the options of others. It's totally ok if you disagree with abortion, your opinion is valid! But please worry about yourself and not worry about those who agree with abortion. You do your thing, you let other people do their thing, and leave it at that.
  6. I'll just copy/paste a post I made in a previous suggestion thread because it still summarizes my thoughts on the topic of limits pretty well, slightly tweaked from my original post: Going unlimited shouldn't be such a big deal. I feel like lots of people are excessively terrified of a tiny amount of users monopolizing the biome and leaving the majority with nothing but dust and cobwebs. I highly doubt it would be like that, especially with the information ADP has brought to light [in this thread, which I will link below] where the biome refills eggs based on how many users are in the biomes. Sure, that might need to be tweaked to account for no-limits, but overall I feel it would be just fine. People treat this as a very strict, black and white situation, expecting one of the two to happen: a) I catch all my CBs from the biome with superb ease, every egg I click I get b) I fail to catch anything ever and have to spend all my shards on everything I need [market holidays is a part of the suggestion, again linked below] Neither of those is going to be the case for anyone. You have to take into account things such as trophy limits, CBs being dropped into the AP (happens frequently during Halloween), trading, gifting, and a whole week to catch CBs. And yes, even taking into account those factors, you may have to buy some eggs from the market. But I firmly believe the majority will be able to get almost everything they need from the cave; yes, you may have to buy that next Arcana you want, but you most likely won't need to buy the Cavern Lurkers, Shadow Walkers, Desipis, Witchlights, and Caligenes you want. It's really not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Overall, this thread below is an amazing solution to limits:
  7. Some people have heard me say this before but at this point I really just want Prizes to stop being the almighty gods of the economy. I really don't care if I personally get a CB, if I do then cool, if not that's cool too. Random distribution is fine and all but it absolutely cannot result in huge impacts on the economy. It funnels rares to the lucky few and takes away from the rest and I'm rather sick of it (why is it so hard for some people to trade for CB Golds? The mystery continues...), especially seeing countless trades in the hub asking for 2g Prizes. If this new raffle update can fix the economy then that's perfect. The value is decreasing, but the faster it decreases the faster we can fix the economy. Also I've always been a fan of connection between lore and gameplay, though I know DC doesn't care much about establishing a connection but I think it makes the most sense lore-wise to just toss them into the biomes.
  8. I don't understand why adding another one-generation battling gimmick that's all about making Pokemon bigger was prioritized over adding in all the Pokemon. Megas, Z-crystals, dynamaxing, ehh... it'd be nice to go back to no weird gimmicks.
  9. I was referring more to their impact than breed count. All the commons and even all the rares on DC do not add up to the impact that the less than one percent raffle dragons make on the site. Just like how Prizes are not put into the market due to the market's purposes, the most valuable dragons [Prizes] should not be randomly distributed due to the whole entire core purpose of the game; finding dragons in a cave. It's an interesting double-standard that has been established, where the purpose of one feature has been placed above the purpose of the whole entire game. That's just how I see it, though, I'm sure other people think differently about it. As long as Prizes are still included in the goals rewards, it'd be ok to have, well, I suppose it'd be a third Prize? But maybe it'd be best to start with the current Prizes first, if this idea were to ever be implemented of course. Because we're already dealing with three different colors of two different breeds, each color and breed being treated differently in terms of lineages, play-styles, etc.
  10. The solution I want to see the most is for Prizes to be dumped into the cave biomes (Dragon Cave, not Dragon Raffle is what we're playing), because it's the easiest way for people to both get CBs and for their trade value to experience that hard crash that they really need. Taking things that have been mentioned into consideration, I think there should be one badge, and it leads to a page showing the other "achievement" badges someone has. Yeah some of the goals towards earning a CB Prizes could be raising dragons from a specific biome or from the AP and all that. But some could also be: complete encyclopedia entries, breed dragons, raise specific body types, etc. And the thing with that is, you can now cover a wide variety of play styles- you don't have to complete everything to get CB Prizes. And every time you complete a goal, you can complete it again, but the next time requires a higher number of whatever to be done
  11. I got a shiny Caterpie yesterday! It's been one of the top shinies I've wanted in the game so I'm super happy I got it!
  12. More Sinnoh Pokemon! Most notably, the Gible line is now here! Hoping for maybe a Gible community day someday?
  13. I was out at a good place to play yesterday! No shinies, but I did get some new dex entries which is good enough for me! I've still got some eggs left that I got yesterday, too, so I suppose there's still shiny hope.
  14. I did hear about the Lake Trio! I wish all the legends were just obtainable in the wild to be honest.
  15. Hopefully so! I go running almost every day so eggs from gifts are always great because I can hatch them fairly quickly! Thanks to everyone who sent friend requests!
  16. I realize I never actually put my FC here! 8808-1713-0872. There's pretty much no pokestops around where I live so gifts are slow from me, apologies in advance! I'm hoping to go out some more to places over the summer that have more pokestops and, well, actually have Pokemon. I can't get anything here unless I use an incense.
  17. I stay home to eat candy and be an atheist while my family goes to church 😆 In all seriousness though, Easter is important to me, but not really for the reasons it's important to most people. I'm incredibly proud to be an atheist, so when I'm able to really show it, like not going to church on Easter with my Catholic family, that's an important part of me expressing who I am.
  18. I saw the rarity of CB Golds and Silvers mentioned before and it's actually a point I'd like to bring up: Making CB Prizes more common could make CB Golds and Silvers more accessible. Think about it. Why can't people trade for CB Golds and Silvers? Because most of those trades want 2g Prizes. If you make 2g Prizes much more common, people aren't going to want to trade their CB Golds and Silvers for 2g Prizes. What will they want to trade them for? I don't know, but 99% of other things on the site are far far more accessible than 2g Prizes, so I think it's safe to hypothesize that CB Golds and Silvers would be spread around more. I'm just throwing this out there because it's one of numerous examples of why the raffle has completely ruined the trading economy, and why it needs to be eliminated and Prizes need a completely new method of obtaining based on work (not plucking out a four leaf clover and making a wish upon a star) and making them more common.
  19. I don't understand why we're still trying to make the raffle work in a non-controversial way. It's incredibly clear that the raffle is detrimental and doesn't work at all to please most people. Some things are simply broken beyond repair. In other words, just throw Prizes into the biomes and be done with it.
  20. Are Hollies even considered a "rare old breed" anymore? Seems to me those days are far behind us, I don't think it's really matters anymore hold old a breed is nowadays. Now that we've had two times of limits on older breeds being available, I really don't think it's necessary for another year of limits.
  21. They look fantastic! Congrats to TCA and LadyLyzar for the release!
  22. The last time was in Gen 5 with Serperior and Samurott (along with Emboar and its very unique fire/fighting type, fire starters rarely get that typing!). Even then though it's been a while, I do agree more single-type Pokemon in general should be done. And Pokemon with not so common typings, like fire/fairy.
  23. I know we keep talking about secondary types for the starters but honestly, I want them to just be water, grass, fire. I feel like they're going to be given secondary types anyway, though I think they'd be fine with no second type.