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  1. ((Sorry for not checking this in a while. On Thursday, I'm going to be out of town, so I won't be able to post. Sorry about that Don't Panic, -GuardianWolf- ))
  2. The Colonel didn't hesitate to follow Chrral. He had stamina and adrenaline to spare. He didnn't bother telling the girls to wait, as at least Jane would most likely follow. He could find the lizard again after the Chaos Beast had been vanquished. Waiting would result in lost lives. The demon could eat through these people before they made a peep. The man rushed forwards, vaulting over trees. He put his sword back in its sheathe. That made for easier running. You could imagine that he must have had wings on his boots. The green coat tails flapped behind him and his heavy breathing could be hea
  3. The Colonel tensed and rushed forward. When held in the light, the sword glinted maliciously and the small runes along its side shone. The man swung his blade up past his shoulder and diagonally downwards, roaring a battle cry in some language other than english. It slashed in to the upper corner of Chrral's mouth and came out partially through the tongue and mid-lower jaw. A hiss and smoke emanated from the two wounds. He brought the sword up in a defensive position and dug his left leg backwards in to the ground. "Run, you two!" he shouted to Jane and Jay.
  4. ((It makes your character more 3-D)) His hand clenched around the handle of the sword hanging at his side. His knuckles turned white. The Colonel stepped forward unafraid when Chrral did. He swallowed and looked to the side before staring once again at a main pair of the chaos beast's eyes. He unsheathed his blade. It wasn't overly magnificent. Actually, it seemed a little ill-maintained. "Your taunts will not work on me hell beast." He walked forward with his blade turned towards Chrral. It glinted mysteriously in the dappled morning sun. His body shivered slightly from both anxiety and
  5. "A lovely species that is, by now, highly overrated." he answered dully. The Colonel watched Chrral closely for movement, ready to whisk both himself and the ladies behind him to safety. When Jane exclaimed about her watch, he was distracted in his wondering and looked about for a moment. He saw a glint in the grass. He hushed her. "We'll get it back."
  6. The Colonel scoffed and seemed displeased, especially when Chrral seemed intent on eating them. His approach didn't seem to be going over particularly well. The coat and his entire self seemed to melt back towards the girl behind him and he guided her closer to Jay. He let go of the timelord's hands, which he had taken, and stood in front of the two women (yup, Jay is a woman now). "I assure you, I am no TimeLord and mistaking me for one is something you should not do." He sized up Chrral. He was never remotely simmilar to an easy case. "It might jog your memory to tell you that I once impriso
  7. The man acted offended. As in, was clearly oveerstating his offense. "Me?" He held a hand over his right breast. "I thought someone as deviously clever as yourself would remember." He paced in front of Chrral and gently nudged Jane out of harm's way. He didn't know if she was one of the other ones he was supposed to find or not. She certainly was... eccentric compared to most people. That was usually a redeeming quality for this society. "Why, you might remember me as the Colonel. I don't usually give out names, you see." He continued pacing comfortably near Chrral and several of his many mout
  8. "Don't just sit there gaping like a codfish." He showed her the book. It was like a calender book. It had pages with different dates in it. On todays date, at todays time, it showed that he was supposed to meet someone who would be waiting just outside his home. "That's you, or it better well be. Let's get a move on then, shall we?" The man got back up on his feet, snapped his book closed, and ran towards Chrral without hesitation. He muttered to himself. He could see the several disgusting mouths and eyes of the great chaos beast. "Chrral!" he shouted, loud enough for him to hear. "You wouldn
  9. The man felt the ground rumble mightily and steadied himself against a wall. Dirt crumpled down from the ceiling. He stumbled forward and broke in to a run. The metal cover glowed and started to rise about an inch before moving aside, as it did before. He checked the pocketbook again. “Chaos beast? Chaos beast?!” he exclaimed. “Chrral, you weren’t supposed to wake up for thirty years.” He pointed at the book vigorously and jabbed a page, which showed a date thirty years in the future. The great bloody demon most likely did not hear him. “Thirty whole years!” he threw his hands up. Finally, he
  10. ((Why yes. I just havn't been checking the thread as often. Go ahead and start whenever you like.))
  11. He checked his watch again. Damn! He was late now. He prepped the place to the best of his ability. The problem was that everything was so old. One man couldn't run it all by himself and keep it anywhere near perfect, but he loved it all the same. He couldn't afford to stay much longer in case his opportunity passed. He would have to kickstart this place later. His thoughts drifted to what this place would be like with crew. No... This place was meant to be lonely. He smiled "But only most of the time" came his whisper. He hurried back across the ghoat town, grinning like a madman. The minute
  12. The man waited, and the lift finally touched down. It must have been several hundered feet. He walked through a hallway which then opened up in to a cavernous room. As in, town sized. It was relatively well lit for something of its size. The walls were lined with stone bricks. A great clock tower stood in the middle. He checked a watch on him for the time and found that the tower was running perfectly. Buildings covered each side ov vacant streets. None of them had lights on. The ceiling was domed and dotted with fake stars. A mechanical cut out of the sun peeked out of a slot where it came ou
  13. Ummm... Banned for having an awesome avatar then? >_>;
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  15. Banned for having such a mysterious sounding username.
  16. The lift hesitated. The old gears were ill maintained and it took a while for the machinery to work. Unlike the 'manhole' covering, this relied on machinery instead of old magic. After a full minute of waiting, it jolted with a start and started creaking and creeping downwards. He was used to the slowness. Actually, this technology would be a revolution to most people up top. He held the torch in one hand and pulled out a pocket book with the other. Using a thumb, he turned pages and examined its contents. He muttered to himself as he read. "Let's see... Yes... Yes... Alright..." he paused and