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  1. Saw there was a flood, nab my blues and I'm done. Nice. Although isn't this kind of fast for the blues to be flooding already?
  2. I have pmed them multiple times. Before they would say they haven't gotten to it yet but now I'm just not getting any reply back. I haven't seen anything like it submitted onto DR, so I guess I'll just wait for halloween. But what do I do if they did steal it and it ends up being used for halloween?
  3. What do I do if I feel someone might have stolen my halloween dragon idea? I was working with this person and I told them everything about my idea. They gave me a sketch and never spoke to me again. This was months ago and I can't help but feel a bit paranoid. I still have the pms of me giving them all the information and name of the dragon and them responding to it.
  4. Ah I missed it. Nice catch though~ and you're right mobile really is nice.
  5. You can't. You have to shave off their fur in the middle of night. The fur will grow back in a month. My dragon looks like an overgrown snake. Is it really a dragon?
  6. Got gifted two cb spessartine hatchies~
  7. But imagine unlimited eggslots We would be punching each other
  8. Someone saw a cb gold but missed it I haven't seen anything rare in the caves so far
  9. Phone catching is pretty good for me. If you need help getting the brown lunars, I'd be more than happy to do so~ My bad luck is not having enough eggslots
  10. All biomes empty when there's a flood. Only the eggs flooding appear in their respective biomes. Nothing else is supposed to show up. Edit: Sorry cuppa I don't know when it's supposed to end and to my knowledge it started a couple of hours ago? I would say it should be over by tomorrow morning.
  11. It's still going on don't worry I got my last two from the alpine and volcano
  12. I feel like this will be worse than xenos because there's only 3 biomes instead of all of them Anyways, I got me some bronzes and I'm going to bed now for school. See ya guys, and I hope y'all get yourselfs some bronzes as well <3
  13. Not that I know of. I'm just aware that there are 50-60+ people hunting right now so you might be too slow and grabbing the eggs underneath.
  14. Granted but now you're stuck up there unable to come down for food or water. I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow.
  15. Wooh congrats man, you earned it~ How about most wossful release? A mix of the most stressful and most wonderful~
  16. Well, Im definitely going to bed before midnight. I'll try to get a bronze before then And oh my gosh I have seen ices, cheeses and dinos just sitting there ever since the xeno release. It's like woah it's been 2 minutes someone take it already
  17. I feel you. I can't stay up too late for these guys since I have school in the morning. And yeah these guys change colour in accordance to this site's moon phases which is really clever imo.
  18. Every colour? So like burgundy? Because I would cry if we got a burgundy dragon. I just love that colour so much
  19. Same, I don't know anything anymore Oh, the hourly loaded just fine for me. I saw one egg in the alpine but missed it. Another reason why I prefer my phone. It does well on the hourlys.
  20. Oooh okay, thanks for letting me know~ But that means my trophy theory is still in the game And yeah separate floods would be nice With this whole rush, I'm feeling that these are probably going to be like xenos or worse buuuuut that's just me Edit: whoops silly me I forgot about Penk and Jewel School give me back my brain
  21. Hmmm but aren't spriter's alts reserved for holiday dragons only?