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  1. Accepted! And yes, you can. If you look at the dragon values section, the last category is Holidays. They're worth a lot, though, so you'll have to save up points!
  2. Whoa! What happened to the first post!? D8 Well, snap. Sorry everyone, hang tight while I rewrite the entire thing... O_O Edit: Annnnd faster than a speeding Spitfire, it's SUPER-THREAD-MOD!!! We are back in business! As a "We apologize for the inconvenience," and because I decided to up the joining value - permanently - all existing members get 5 free points! ^^
  3. Everything updated! @Vulcanus: A few months ago I cleaned out the list due to having sooo many inactive members. I added you again, though.
  4. All updated! (Also, school's started, so I'm a little inundated with work at the moment. I'll try to make time for stuffs.) ----- I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: CB Female Lumina Link to lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/sPnZO Gifter: Avalon the Great Recipient: Princess GLG My Current Total: 5 + 25 = 30
  5. My Wish Was Granted Dragon and Requirements: CB Black Tea Recipient: Avalon the Great Giver: Renren Ace My Current Total: 15 - 10 (half of 20) = 5 (Yep, that was right. Thanks!)
  6. @Minkee: Accepted! I Am Wishing Type of Dragon: Black Tea Requirements: Caveborn Total Point Cost: 20 (10 with special)
  7. Added everything to the new post, I think. @Rekha & Shibunari: You guys are messing with my mind. I generally identify people by their avatars, so I got a leetle confused, LOL. I think I still did everything right... Yay for activity! And remember everyone, today's the last day of the special, so go, go, go! (Oh, by the way, any wishes made during the special and granted afterwards are still valid. ^^) Oh, made some tiny, minor changes to the main post. No one is probably going to notice anyway.
  8. Hiya guys! I know I haven't been on for like months (#shame -.-), but I updated everything, I think. Everyone's accepted, please let me know if I missed you. I know nothing about the new releases (I was on vacation), so for now I'm just going to trust all of you and/or the Wiki. AND, for many reasons, including your suggestions, we are having a special promo thingy! ^-^ Just this week (until the 14th), all point losses are halved and gains doubled! (i.e. a wisher only loses half the points they would normally for that wish, and the granter gains double the points they would normally for granting it! In addition, all people who join this week get 30 points to start!) This is because you're right; 15 points is not enough. I think. This is sort of a test run; if it works, I may end up tweaking the thread system a bit permanently. Have fun, and I'll be on as often as I can!
  9. Gift Report: AvalontheGreat -> Pikachu-Dragon: Silver Metallic: Lineage Link
  10. Halloo! I have THIS eggy that I need to glomp someone so I can give back to the thread. Any takers?
  11. Wow, time flies. School's finally out, so I might be able to actually check the forum every other day again. -makes mental note- So, since May 22nd has come and gone, I have reset the member list*. Remember, if you want to be added again or if I deleted you accidentally (sorry in advance), please just reapply. Note: I have also reset all the wishes listed as "Taken," because by now all the gifted dragons are adults, so most likely they were sent and someone forgot to post. *Due to a disturbance in the force, if you will, I could not delete members whose point levels were other than 15. However, the clean was still quite effective. I may figure out a way around this, but for now that's how it stands.
  12. Oh boy, this is what I get for staying away too long. Here we go: Everyone accepted who asked/edited since my last post. Please let me know if I forgot to put someone on the list, put a smiley next to their name, or anything else. Nadat: I'm not quite sure, but I think the total was actually 10. Common Purebred = 6, plus Special Gen (4) = 10. So I added that, which means you're at 25 and hero's at 5. skydafox: The dragon should be worth 22 points (18 for uncommon purebred, plus 4 for Special Gen. Yeah, that counts. I clarified it a bit in the first post.) Hey, that plus sign thing is brilliant! *-* Ima use that. *edits first post again* Keo: You're right. So, skydafox's total should now be wow, 52. terradi: Simply saying something would be nice doesn't count as requesting it, so you're all good. ^-^ psy: Yep, you're accepted. And meh, I'll give you the five free points because it was basically your first post. Alright, I think that's it. To reiterate, please point out if I messed up somewhere!
  13. @herobrine: Please add a lineage link to one of your magi in the above post.
  14. Hey everyone! Remember, only 29 days until everyone who hasn't replied is knocked off the member list!!! So bump yourself now, before you have to re-register. Of course, you are always allowed to, but it takes time to. Plus, if you make a wish at the same time as you bump, you get 5 free points!
  15. We're all good. @airaani: Sorry, Nebulas are uncommon.
  16. @Keolah: Huh. Well, I suppose you're right. Changed! @devil: Broken link, sorry. Please fix and repost.
  17. Okay, I'm going to try and answer everyone here: @Keolah: Yes, it's mathymatic. I love math. Why would "example" be shortened to "eg"? There's no g in example. Well, yes, exp. is short for example. Perhaps I'll change that in future... @Maximus: You need to post a link to your magi to apply for membership. See note to Mystic, below. @KeeKee: The Shimmer Scales are the new prize dragons, correct? (I've been busy with Honors classes, apologies.) I suppose. Also, you need to post a link to one of your Magi. @Ghost: Thanks for the suggestions! @Mystic: Um, it seems that you gifted Maximus a Flamingo egg, not a Pink. This has gotten rather confusing, hasn't it? Maximus, please apply again, and Mystic, you're accepted. I'm afraid I can't gift you the points because a ) Maximus has no points, being a non-member, and b ), you didn't technically grant the wish.
  18. I just got my first. If it genders female, I'll gender the second female as well and freeze it. If it genders male, I'll let the second one grow up but influence it female as well. My reasoning is that I prefer females, but I don't want to waste an influence on this one (I don't have many Pinks), and if I get a male I want to have a "breeding pair" (even though they don't actually breed). However, if I have two of a certain gender, to prevent copies I always freeze the second. Overly logical much?
  19. Golden Wyvern. CB. I SO flipped, because I've always been a rotten catcher. I'm too busy. But it was just sitting there... in the cave... I also caught a Green Dino once out of sheer luck, but I gifted it.