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-Jen <3 - wishlist -- tinsels and shimmersAlways willing to negotiate IOUS. Really cherish zombie lineages of all kinds. Totally willing to breed on request. Don't feel afraid to PM me!ARK2-1.gif168ajxj.gifDOTG32.jpg 315zslu.png

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    Lots of stuff, ask me!


    - Zombie lineages. Any eggs with multiple zombies in the lineage. I will always love these and search for mates for them, and gift them to others who like them.
    - Neglected Dragons. I have none.
    - I'd adore a sweetling with a shadow walker mother, as her mate for the holidays.
    - Pretty/Striking Even Gens. Always welcome. Even the extremely inbred babies.
    - Even-Gen Dorkfaces, Dusks, Thuweds and Tinsels.
    - Even-Gen Splits
    - Babies from warcraft/star trek/assorted other lineages.

    Dragons really needed as mates:
    *Second Generation Silver - from Shadow Walker mother.