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  1. As I said, I know how to make it, and I have no interest in shutting down my desktop at the moment, thank you.
  2. Well my AV setup looks like this: free Avira for constant protection, with monthly full scans run with Malwarebytes. That with the browser setup I mentioned earlier (Firefox + NoScript + Adblock Plus) results in me being almost totally virus free.
  3. Backdoors are usually to allow easier access for more serious/complex/hard to deliver virii, especially ones that turn your computer into part of a botnet.
  4. As I said, every language known to man. I made a program like that once to prank my dad - he didn't find it so amusing. EDIT: You don't even need to use a batch file, you can just use the command instead of the file path, if I recall correctly.
  5. Panromantic asexual here, though just because I haven't experienced sexual attraction yet doesn't mean I won't in the future. *shrugs* Since I haven't felt sexual attraction yet, I have no reason yet to suspect I'll be sexual other than most other people being sexual. But that's hardly a good reason.
  6. Well yeah there are easy ways to do that using... pretty much every language known to man. I'm considering writing a small one in assembly that runs on startup that just shuts it down.
  7. That's the funny thing - most virii work by taking advantage of user ignorance.
  8. For fun, showing off their programming skills, stuff like that. I'm afraid of what you're doing that get you infected that frequently though - good web habits can cut down on more than half of virus infections, noscript, ABP, and a good antivirus can cut down on the rest.
  9. Of course I don't voice my reaction or make any judgements about it - I'm perfectly aware it's an entirely irrational emotional reaction, and thus I attempt to minimize its influence as much as I can. If there were warnings on it, I'd probably do better, though optimally I'd be in a situation where it doesn't come up, though that's not always possible.
  10. Stogu: The fact they exist doesn't bother me, just the sight triggers that involuntary "that's not right" reaction. I try to work past it, but obviously I can't do it completely.
  11. I wouldn't say anyone and anything, but most things are triggers to some degree.
  12. 1. Never heard of a "trigger" before, at least not with this definition. I suppose my triggers are basically anything that causes that gut feeling of "that shouldn't be that way", not limited to but including amputations, physical deformities, and any time a limb is bent in a way that it normally shouldn't. 2.How did you get your triggers? (TW: Anatomy) {I really don't know. The only one I DO know is the limb thing - something's up with my knees that makes them dislocate really easily. So the result is I panic whenever I see someone do something like sitting on their knees, sitting cross-legged, and so on.} 3. I wish people wouldn't put anything with displays of physical deformity or illness, or anything that displays the effects of mental illness. Describing it is one thing, but pictures tend to be especially upsetting. Now do I believe I have the right to say to someone who wants to post those things "you can't do this"? No, absolutely not. But I wish they wouldn't. 4. I think they're necessary, but I am not sure where I draw the line between "this is necessary" and "this is just plain silly", as there cannot be trigger warnings for everything that could possibly upset someone in that way. 5. I use a technique from cognitive behavioral therapy - breathe through your nose and take a deep breath, the kind where your stomach starts to expand. It's quite relaxing and allows you to gather yourself without being very noticeable to others.
  13. Oh god, I've rediscovered AI War. Looks like I can kiss any productivity goodbye this weekend.
  14. Spam mail of all kinds annoys the hell out of me.
  15. ^ From an alternate source. I'm aware of the times the statement was made, however the American court system does use precedent in deciding a case, and as such, any cases like the one quoted would likely be ruled the same way. Besides, it was directed as a rebuttal to philpot's post that it was a violation of the 10th amendment. If the argument that it's a violation of the constitution has any validity, it won't be found in the 10th amendment.
  16. The fact that the exact case is cited should give it SOME credibility at least? Yes, Wikipedia isn't always a reliable source, however it's useful when a credible source is cited. If anyone wants, I can go look up a more reliable source later?
  17. https://i.imgur.com/34tzl.png This is my current one. I'm still looking for a good Windows 7 theme. I only installed it because I was trying to get Sword of the Stars II to run, and it doesn't support XP. EDIT: GAH! I thought it'd create a thumbnail ;_;
  18. I know ;_; The colors are kinda cool but I liked the old mane, the flowy one just looks... silly.
  19. Just watched the episode I love how they did her character, very well done, all things considered.
  20. 1: Save the doctor. 2: Smother the child. One life which would likely be killed anyway is hardly worth the risk of discovery and death.
  21. I'm gonna go with this. Morally he was in the right, even if ethically he may've been given flak. @potter: If it were me, I'd say nothing.
  22. To sum it up, Zenimax's concern IS valid, but not valid enough to warrant Mojang being forced to change the name. The court accepted Mojang's argument that the word "scrolls" and variants thereupon are common in games, and as such, the risk of mistaking one game (Scrolls) for another (The Elder Scrolls) is relatively low among the average consumer of Scrolls, as the average person who's going to buy Scrolls or TES is going to be more informed than the "average Joe". They ruled that the case can be appealed within 3 weeks (which I imagine will happen), at which point another trial will occur that will be much larger.
  23. Used to do 360, I'm doing PC now though.