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    http://haha, I has no website. silly.

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    3rd rock from Sol
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    I hoard Blusang Lindwurms and Imperial Fleshcrownes :) I also have the legendary trio and will be more than willing to breed for you! :D

    As my personality goes, I'm rather addicted to my computer and roleplaying. I have been looking for someone to create an RP with, that can be on every day like me. Alas, there is none. I'm the only one without a life.

    Sophomore in highschool, but should really be a freshman because of my age. But too bad. I'm mature. In your face. Just kidding, I love you.

    I also play minecraft! Lexiandria is the username, if you see me playing at all! Tell me hi!

    I'm in band, and I play the clarinet. I'm also in showband. I make pretty shapes with everyone else on a football field while playing music.

    I like decorating cakes. If you ask me to make a cake for you, I will say yes. But you will not receive a cake. You will receive a picture. Because I will be too afraid to send it so you in case you're a serial killer.

    I am also into romance roleplays, sci-fi roleplays, and fantasy roleplays. But mostly romance. Or at least baby-making. For genetic purposes. For the sci-fi roleplays. I can have a weird, weird mind sometimes...But mostly I just want characters to have babies so that I can do some photo-editing/fan art. So yeah. Once again, still looking for someone with the same interests...

    Bye. I hope you have a good day.