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Wendigo on Lioden! Maus on Flight Rising!**Looking for 1x1 or small group RP for either lions or wolves! PM if interested!**


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    Hi guys! I'm Corvidae, or Gyarados2341 on the actual cave site. I'm a dragon collector and breeder! I mainly breed Hellhorses, Ultraviolets, and a few dragons from my breeding projects. I'm always looking for Ochredrake, purebred Horse/Hellfire, and Hellhorse eggs!

    Anyways. About meeee.
    My Nicknames: Maus, Crow, Loki, and Reptile c: You can call me any of these if you want! ^^
    My Age: 16, almost 17!
    My Gender (not really important): Female, but I'm a tomboy. c:
    My ACTUAL Interests: Art, music, mythology, gothic culture, skulls, taxidermy, heavy metal, and the macabre. ^^ I may seem a bit dark in my interests, but I'm a very bubbly and positive person to be around! So don't be afraid to shoot me a message just to chat, I don't bite! :D