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  1. Did Soulstone eggs stop dropping? Half of the drops are speckled and the next 49% are sweet. I haven't seen a single Soulstone for half a day. (*just bugged*)
  2. Green nebula hatchling You can take it from TJ trading station.
  3. Scroll Name: Squam Forum Name: sdc
  4. I Would Like To Join This Project! Forum Name: sdc Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Squam PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=193210 Hidden Word: Shadow Walker Sign Up Date: 22.11.2107 Point Total: 0 Eligible Dragons: None
  5. sdc

    Glomp Gifting

    Tesnivy --> Shadow Walker : T0J1U MathPi --> Cheese : Q9u78
  6. http://dragcave.net/teleport/c2e15e6086be8...4ed685c555972f2
  7. Wow, that's wonderful.... I wish I could have a CB ShadowWalker. Not only for lineages like this.
  8. Looking for a home: Ridgewing egg for Acorn Clan: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rDJus - adopted by trekwriter Flamingo egg for Unalachtigo Clan: http://dragcave.net/lineage/BGYng - still available PM me for teleport link. I'll go to bed soon, so I probably answer tomorrow.
  9. I adopted the Roadrunner egg. But I still don't know how this works. Do we have to pm you, if the list of available eggs need to be updated? I have a few dragons, which qualify as new starting pairs. How can they become starters? (Ok, after adopting this little roadrunner, I have to wait 3 more hours, before I can incuhatch my next eggs and breed again.)
  10. Hey, I have a little sister. An AP find. (Ok, it might be a brother.) http://dragcave.net/lineage/1MR4p
  11. I wanna join the parade! Forum name: sdc Scroll name: Squam Krewe of: Isis
  12. Got this green pretty, thank you. So, I think I have to join the lineage. I would have done that some time ago, if there wasn't that naming problem. I'm simply unable to invent nice names related to Mardi Gras. Maybe google will help...
  13. Hey, that's no reason to kill them! Dragons have the right to choose their mates! What dragons can be zombified is described in the Wiki.
  14. That's nice, thanks. It's really inconvenient, but probably the best we have. Cherokee is not so difficult, you can find more pages about this tribe. I found this nice page for Cherokee: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~wetz0025/tsalagi/lang/dictionary.html I like, that you don't need to click around, invent names and discard again, if the translation result isn't what you want. Just have a list and see everything,
  15. Hm, but then I don't know what they mean and have to google again. (I did, but I mostly found advertisements and sport clubs related to the names I tried.) And I know there are some strange names meaning something like: "she has large breasts" - this wouldn't be a nice name for a male, right? (This wouldn't be a nice name at all.) Moreover, I don't want name my dragons after all the dragons of someone else. The names are taken anyway and isn't it a nice thing to have individual names for each of your dragons? But ok, this might be to much effort for a lineage I haven't started yet
  16. Questions to the Lenape Tribe Hello, can someone tell me what the Lenape Starter eggs look like? I don't want to google them all. Munsee Clan: What does "Sun" mean? Sunstone/Sunset/Sunsong? I couldn't find any nice Webpages with Lenape words. The helpful links weren't helpful either. Is there any source where I can find a word list for naming? Maybe a small dictionary?
  17. Oh, no, thanks. I don't want to have all starter eggs. That's far too much for only 5 eggslots and I would like to do something else in my life but thinking about pixel dragons. I'm sitting at DCs webpage overmuch time already. So I stick to the lineages I like most - and that's already too much, cause I also have to collect all these rare (lol) CBs and all those beautiful lineages you can find in AP. It's sunday, sun is shining (outside)... do you think I should go out? But I can't take the cave with me ;-{
  18. Maybe you can make a vote of all shown lineages which one is the nicest? My starter dragon didn't want to produce any egg with the mate I chose for her. But I'll keep trying.
  19. Is it possible to make new starter eggs? For example, if you want a Magi paired with Red or Brimstone (Red paint clan), but the starter eggs are only paired with White? Or do you have to stick to the given pairings, including colours into the lineage you might not want? Edit: Oh, brine is not Brimstone! So forget about Brimstone. But the red pairing would still be allowed.
  20. Hello, I'm lurking around this thread quite a long time now, not knowing if I want to join. One of the problems is, that I cannot see what the starter eggs look like and if I'm going to like some of them. There are only names of mates, which don't say what they are. So what is this potlach, you are going to do? I don't even know the name - it's an english word I've never heard before.
  21. Alt Blacks look like Dracula. Winter Magis remind me of an umbrella. And male Olives seem to be sitting on the toilet.
  22. Aaargs, I didn't see that. Time to wake up. Thanks, cladus.