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  1. I Bred My Dragons! Forum name: stikystuff Screenshot(s): (in groups of 20) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Desired ticket number(s): 180, 33, 73, 333, 3333, 68
  2. I Have New Dragons! Forum Name: stikystuff Link To Sign Up Post: Link New Dragons: Anagallis brUF8 Gold-Horned Tanagar CyHtP Canopy ZDWqo VAcIO
  3. Thank you for the description edit. It works, it fits perfectly and now I shall wait. I think a lot of people thought it was player freezing, but no it was her father. I had nothing to do with it.
  4. There was a huge bit about the spell - it got cut I'll see what the mods make of it I guess and maybe shuffle something.
  5. I freeze all my naughty nebulae. But I do adore them which is the reason for trying to give them all a unique description. I understand the frozen in place issue, my point is the freeze action states You cast a spell on the hatchling that stops any aging. I'm not casting the spell, this is all her father's doing. It's his spell. I just can't seem to get that across in the description without loosing something else that I like.
  6. dirtytabs - Yes I believe you were one (of a couple) who commented on my punctuation - you should see my handwriting IRL, it would probably drive you mad Kakaru - I really had to shorten the description I literally wrote a page about Trades, since Golden Wyverns are rumored to have magical abilities and proud I thought that I might get away with saying Trades was frozen by a spell and golden wyverns can change one substance into another so I can't see why she couldn't stone or ice. I intended to give the impression that Trades was frozen in place a bit like a gargoyle statue. Does that make any more sense? Your comments really are helpful, it just seems the issues are Trades being frozen in place and the reason for her wing color, which is well, the entire point of the description.
  7. True, her name is Jilly. TPBM has a pet snake.
  8. I decided to write descriptions for the frozen nebulae I have on my scroll. I use them as markers between other dragons. If I get a nebula that doesn't follow the lineage I freeze it for this purpose. I wrote my description, it was rejected due to grammar (which is fine with me). I had a couple of nice comments so decided to make the changes. Second attempt ended with the comments - please use more commas and being told that freezing only stops ageing. So... I added more commas. Now on attempt three, someone has abstained due to my comments regarding wing colour. The description status is awaiting moderation, but I'm really just feeling like giving up. I don't think I can go through a 4th revision when I have zero characters left. Is there anyone that can look it over and give me a hand? I really don't know what to do? Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, I'll happily remove the post if needed. Description: Being the only daughter of a proud Golden Wyvern father and Red Nebula mother, Trades was bound for greatness. Some say that the color of the wings is no choice and that it is down to the dragon's diet or maybe the time of year they were born. The truth is that no one really knows. Trades knew from an early age that she was expected to continue the family line by finding a suitable mate and settling down. All she wanted was to fly. To visit new places and gaze up at the stars. A loner by nature and rather lazy to boot, she would rather spend her days sleeping and her evenings watching the stars. Trades gained her blue wings much to the disappointment of her parents. Knowing she was no longer good enough, she made plans to leave the nest and follow her dreams. As she laid sleeping, her father froze her in place as a lesson to his future offspring not to be disobedient. Trades now stands defiantly frozen in time, her eyes pleading to Nebulae across the land not to follow in her footsteps Edited to add description, thanks sock.
  9. I'll join in! I have 70+ reds most are paired with other BSA dragons so it might be a little mixed.
  10. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to sock for organizing such a nice event. I've had a lot of fun breeding and it's helped me figure out what lineage to work on next cheers!.
  11. After a quick count out of the breedings that I recorded I ended up sending 206 eggs to the AP. This didn't include catch up day, which I didn't record. I literally just bred everything else that day and didn't have time to record and count. I was in and out of hospital this week so time was a little limited.
  12. Count me in! Forum Username: stikystuff Proof of breeding: Post and Proof of breeding Prizes: 1 and 8
  13. Very happy as I won my favorite Looking forward to starting a new lineage. Congratulations to the other winners.
  14. I Have New Dragons! Forum Name: stikstuff Link To Sign Up Post: Link New Dragons: Gold Horned Tangar 1. oFu7Z 2. ogZrV Olive 1. UdNtT Canopy 1. Z3izT Anagallis 1. 0kXC3 2. hIyAr 3. xDgtC 4. V4SAF Fever Wyvern 1. QU1Zf
  15. Sachqua - Glad you like the Magi x Water line maaters Thank you for this shallow water I already have a mate and look forward to continuing the line. dejaentndu I love this lineage, it's not something I would gravitate towards but thank you for the excuse to breed my guardian angelicdragonpuppy - No words he's stunning! Dirtytabs - Wow Haven't seen this lineage before I'm converted And last but not least Fly-by-Night Thank you for all the Aria x Magi 2G's I grabbed three of them
  16. Missed most of yesterday's breeding plans due to an impromptu visit to A&E But I'm okay and ready to start on my purples I think I'm going to have to spend a lot of time breeding on catch up day.
  17. Oh all my reds/pinks are being picked up too Off to your new homes little ones!
  18. In the middle of breeding for today. 22 eggs sent so far. Mainly Pillows. But I've tried to mix it up with some new 2G pairs. M Fleshcrowne x F Pillow M Harvest x F Pillow M Pillow x F Swallowtail (Which looks amazing! and is now on my personal lineage goal list) I also managed to get an egg from yellow z morph x pillow pair which looked nice together. Still got a lot to do, Magi is going to take forever Also had a thought and I'm going to breed all my PB stripe and nebula lines on catch up day since they can go any colour.
  19. Took me about 4 hours give or take but I've been sticking all the pairs in a spreadsheet at the same time so I've got a record of how many don't produce eggs etc. Tomorrow is going to take some effort - I've got over 100 pillows to breed and I haven't even thought about the rest
  20. Ok so that took a while but I've sent the following breeds to the AP Red, Black Tea, Hooktalon, Red Gemshard, Flamingo, 22 holiday checkers featuring red breeds, and finally some lines featuring red nebula. 82 eggs sent to the AP so far. Having a break and I'll finish up later haven't even go to my pinks yet.
  21. Cheers 11th that makes a lot of sense
  22. Ok so I finished this lineage and now I'm not even sure what to call it? 5th EG something? It's the base pairs that are throwing me since they make a complete new breed.
  23. Count me in for most days. Looking forward to the 12th please someone else breed that day to break up my pillow flood that I'll be chucking at the AP. A few of my favourite lines that I'll be trying for the event... 4g Balloon x Pillow checker 4th Pillow x Thunder checker 4th Pillow x Golden Wyvern checker