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  1. @skwerl56767 I love him, thank you so much!
  2. @skwerl56767 ah! I love him. Not too subtle at all, I really like the fact that I am noticing different things every time I look. I also really love the idea of the added colour on his fur but if I could make one small change? Just a more teal like colour on the fur rather than straight blue? Now I have to think of a name for him. Honestly made my day been feeling rough after another load of blood tests so this was a lovely surprise. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for the 2G Shallow Water sunshine_ley <3
  4. You're most welcome, I'm building the lineage slowly but recently all I'm getting is swallowtails.
  5. O.O That fox is amazing. Could I possibly (if you're not too busy) request a male pillow in a similar style but like a punk/biker/rebel pillow. Piercings, tattoos maybe a scarf? I'd love to see what you come up with.
  6. I have no fells! I'd appreciate being able to pick up some pretty 2nd/3rd gen checkers with fells. As for Frills I love them. I can't understand why so many CB ones make it to the AP.
  7. wow... O.O Think I might be out on this one. I really don't have much to contribute from the list. Total CB scimintar-wings: 4, sinii krais 3, tetras 10, azure glacewings 2, honey drakes 0, monarchs 0, almeralds: 7, kingcrownes: 2, kyanite pygmies: 1, candelabras: 0, tarantula hawk drakes 6, and sapphires: 2
  8. AMAZING. Had a cancer scare results came back negative so today there has been tears of happiness and much celebration of life. It really is amazing how much we take life for granted until something like this happens. I admit I'm not out the woods - I probably have a condition that I'm going to have to live with but it's not going to shorten my life. This condition would also make a lot of problems I've suffered with come under one diagnosis and I'm relieved, happy and can't stop smiling right now because everything is now making sense. I'm going to go on holiday, finish writing my book, learn to drive and start another hundred things I've been meaning to do or try before it's too late.
  9. I won something?! (Just a heads up for any PM I'm on BST time, just in case you don't get a reply straight away) Thank you for the event Amazon and thank you to all who donated.
  10. I Caught The Tide! Forum name: stikystuff Scroll link: stikystuff Dragon code(s) - frozen hatchie or adult only: KWYdF Desired ticket number(s): Any
  11. If anyone entered for the 4G PB Summer or the 2G Silver from Summer please PM me. I'm hatching the silver and summer now (both influenced male) and if I get more than one response in the next hour I'll randomize names and send the teleport to the winner. Otherwise whoever PM's me in the next hour gets it. Just title the PM GGG and which hatchie you prefer.
  12. Just had a quick check and apparently the stun holds after teleport so can't be done again. The one that grows up in 9 hours should be fine... the two hour hatchie might be a different story. What breed is the two hour?
  13. Figured you might have. Can they be stunned a 2nd time if sent to another scroll? - I have no idea if that works?
  14. Have you got any bolts? Could stun them? Will give them an extra day?
  15. idBUN My Scroll (Hints - end of scroll, zmorph/also check pillows)
  16. Okay, that was hard! Way too many pretties to choose from Good luck everyone.
  17. True - I brought one last week. TPBM hates peanut butter.
  18. Donated! Hope someone wants the eggy. It also has an amazing code Happy summer!