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  1. It is very lovely to sent and receive flower card randomly. Thanks and happy Valentine everyone
  2. I did but I do not have those 2 items in my inventory Someone seems to have those in their list but I dont know where did I miss them.
  3. Would anyone tell me if we have RECORD and PAINTING in there inventory? And how where to find them?
  4. where should i go to find RECORDS and painting?
  5. Right from the beginning, I examined the nest and found branches in capital letter, anything we can do with those branches? I have tried some command but nothing works. Any advice, pls?
  6. Oh my God, IT DID WORK, you are my lifesaver, How come?it took me the whole day even I used math, number the stone pillars to calculate how I could move them. Oh my God, thank you sooooooo much, you save me. Thank you!
  7. Am I the only one got stuck in day sixth? I couldn't open the 2nd door in the jungle temple. Moving the stone pillars thounsand time but nothing worked, Avery just say again and again
  8. I need help please,I got stuck with the six puzzle for all day
  9. Everyone is so fast of giving gift My SS also came with amazing gifts. I got the name of my giftee but still havent give any yet since it takes time to catch/hatch and even cool down because the couple produced eggs wrong. I managed to get some but I want to have them hatch first before sending. I need your help of breeding 2nd avatarfail from xeno or lunar herald, and fail should match the non-GoN parent (lunar herald now yellow for your information). I want to trade for CB Almandine or CB Spessartine too since I didnt see any these 2 days
  10. Sound great! I got the letter and my reindeer are ready outside. I getta go to my giftee. Maybe when I come back, my Santa will be around my door too Over excited!
  11. I checked TJ's eggs right after the release (00pm) with 7 days until hatch, and now (4:40 am) it hatched already . May I asked Mr. Santa for this kind of gift ?
  12. Is there anyway to get closer to reindeers today???
  13. I loveeeeeeee this event, this is my 3rd year joining to find me sweet Santas 2 previous ones were absolutely awesome and we are still friends My giftee anyway kind of cold or shy, they just received and gone However, Xmas is coming, let's gift and to be gifted I want to sign up! Forum name:shinjiteru Scroll name:shinjiteru Wishlist: 1. Neglected, yes, one more please, the one and only neggie is waiting for his soulmate 2. I am a good girl, I deserve one 3rd gen gold shimmer aint I 3.Dino please, I love dinos, purple or red to balance other colors 4.Seasonal I love
  14. I would like to show mine Over happy seeing them blooming one by one, I sent out some but do want to have a Valentine garden filled with lovely flowers
  15. Yes, I have some blooming, absolutely beautiful and colorful. I love looking at them growing in my garden but will speed love to my friends and players
  16. I have just got my 43th, but I am sure I need to hunt more I am receiving extremely beautiful V gifts with lovely flowers. Thanks TJ for giving us such sweet miracles
  17. How many plants so far, hunters??? I got 21 so far, but still missing some
  18. I happily adopted the pretty to match with This baby Thank you so much Ae0nian
  19. I need your help again to fulfill my giftee's wishlist I need help Forum name:shinjiteru Dragons Needed:2G stripe from Holly or 2G shimmerkin/tinselkin or 3G evengen common descended from 2G shimmerkins/tinselkins Are you Willing to trade for it? Yes, sure thing, anything I can do I am willing to I am having another wonderful event and even better than previous year. Last year I heard nothing from my secret santa and my giftee till the last minutes. The giftee then appeared but not so nice. However it wasnt much matter since my belated Santa was an awesome and sweet, she li
  20. I need help Forum name:shinjiteru Dragons Needed:3G stripe from Male Shadow Walker x Female Stripe checker or 3G red from Male shadow walker x female Red checker Are you Willing to trade for it? Yeah, let's discuss Thanks to tishavara , I got the pretty for my giftee Have fun!
  21. I had so much fun and joy last year with my awesome and wonderful Secret Santa How about this year, so curious. Mr. Santa, I am a good girl, please come to me I want to participate! Forum name:shinjiteru Scroll name:shinjiteru Wishlist: 1. My 3rd gen Gold Shimmer 2.Cb Blusang and happily with 2nd gen silver/gold 3. CB moonstone 4.Thuwed, many thuwed in the linage, 2nd gen hybrids are lovely too 5.Moonstone again 6.Is it too much to ask for Neglected, pleeeeeeeease?
  22. I know they would become my new favorite, unbelievable I love all 7 day dragon adults so far Spriters, thank you thank you for bringing us extremely gorgeous beauty.
  23. I am here to see you adult, the one and only hybrid in the party
  24. Thanks TJ, thanks spriter, I enjoy the week with ton of fun I will miss this fantastic birthday so much. Thank you, thank you