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  1. I am just learning for an exam in which 60-80 Percent fail. Sometimes everybody failes...it feels owfull, I dont believe that what you know correspondes in any Way with your Grades...its all a Game of being among the best ones and guessing what the Prof. Wants to hear...and luck Lot of luck! Please Cross your Fingers for me!
  2. Dolls also dont have a a biological gender, but dont think that my Nice is Interested in Arguments like that. Her dolls are Boys and girls. In many languages words also do have a gender, for nö biological reasons...why shouldnt Dragons that dont breed too? I dont like the idea of rules change without reason, and I honnestly didnt know that papers once could have a gender...but what Would be the Harm if they had? I certainly Would Like them to have genders Again, and the idea if opening all possibilities by influencing them or not is very interesting! I suport it!
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    I like the idea... Blue http://dragcave.net/teleport/792ebef4287e4...cd558cefe0bdb7c Enjoy ana
  4. It seems as if German Would differ more strictly between Morals and ethics, if so that Would explain some confusing turns in this discussion. I Wonder, well the People Here that belive in absolute ethical/Moral Standard, what Would these absolutes be? Are you with Kant, who Said what you do shall always be fit to serve as an absolute Standard? ANd later Said that his Freedom ends Where ist begins to Limit the Freedom of somebody Else? Are you religiouse and Base Morals on the Dogmas of your Faits? I just assume that if you are Against relative standards, you Must have some Kind of Standard, dont you?
  5. Do they exist or did you make that up to Argue a Point? I once read about People that dont have a Concept of Male and female, the Concept you mentioned Sounds Kind of similar so Iam curiouse.
  6. Well if the OP says Depending on whom you ASK, I think it should be considered that the One commiting a Crime obviously didnt think it to be Bad enaugh Not to do it. As I Said in my First Post religions tend to Aply Dogmas as absolutes. Philosophy However Starts by asking questions so there no absolutes. Catholics say that adultery is Bad, However there are People that think you Need the seemed of more than One man to get pregnant. For them adultery is Not only good(or not existent) but necesarry.
  7. Hmmm You guys confusing me? Is this about value Relativismus. Which means that our Values are based on Culture. Is ist about Ethik relativismus which I thought to mean that different thinking Leads to different conclusions. Or about Morales, that Depend on Dogmas based on believe? Do you differ bewegen ethics and Morals in english?
  8. I guess rape is ok for the One commiting it, Putting his Need or strengh over the rights of the Victim. So there Actually are persons that think that its ok to rape, Maybe because they think to be more Important than the Victim, Maybe because they think that its ok if you are Just stromg enaugh enaugh to force their will on somebody else ( i dont know what they think) nazis also thought that they had a right to kill variouse other groups. The Sowjets, and others did the Same. After ww2 ist was ok to Drive Million of People from their Homeland, in Order to create pure Nations. In the balkan wars rape was Seen to be a legitimate weapon to Pull down the morals of the enemy. Make the others feel Bad so they wont Fight so Hard, and to Destroy their Nation(which Wouldnt be "pure" if The children Concieved that Way Would be Allouwed to Life. So they thought an evil Thats working for the greater Good was ok, or that they had a right to so ist because they were better. Ähm and no I dont think that rape or Marder is ok, I Argue that there are and have been Points of Views from which they are.
  9. Are you Talking about ethics or Morales? I think Morales are absolute but they are based on the Paradigma of Religion or believe. For Moratherapie and evil are always absolute. For example catholics always opose abortion. Because based on their believe its always Bad. Religions are based on Dogmas Maybe Thats why for them Morales Need to be absolute too. Ethics However are based on thinking, in that Case there are no absolutes, only Individual situations. The Same Thing, like abortion, can be Bad or Good Depending on the conclusion your Logic Leads you to. The Problem is that People that use Ethics as Paradigma for what they think to be Good Discuss with People that use Morals. For the First One everything is Depends on rational Arguments for the secounds everything on the Dogmas of their believe. Thats a Bad if you are Not Award of it.
  10. They used groups of 20 Rats. The groups that were used by Monsanto have exactly the Same size. There is some hickup about the Interpretation of the Resultat, One of the Big Arguments is that the RAW Datas have Not been Published, but Again Thats also True about for the datas of Monsanto. The next Problem is that they used a Rat type Thats Likely to get cancer in generell, but honnestly statistically Thats Not a Problem. the question is wheater there is more cancer if the Rats are Fed with gmo or Pestizide gmo. Monsantos study was finished After 90 days, seralinis After two years. So seralinis study is Not compareable to Monsantos. So the Results of Sterlis group Show that gmo Rats are more Likely to get cancer. There are Not statistically relevant differentes After 90 days. However 50-70 Percents of the gmo fed Rats died within the two years and only 30 percents of the Rats Fed with conventional corn. I found a Meta stud( a study Studiengang the study) remarking that gmo Rats habe been the Bigger survor Group. Thats contradicting the result above, but Would be interesting for medical reasons. Maybe the Problem is that the studies are Not compareable because they use different Time factors. It seems a Bit as if each side Would complain about the Same Errors in the other side. Why should for example only One side release its RAW datas? There NÖ rules about how to make such a study in Detail, there seems to be nö how to study gmo Standards. Most of the Information Here can be found on http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgener_Mais its Quite interesting to read the hickup with the two groups Arguing that the other One is Not scientificly relevant.
  11. The dangers of Carbon Sequestration. I realiced that a Lot of People Here put Down the Arguments Against gmo by calling People and Populations that think so uneducated, emotional. Thats if at all an Observation and no argument. think its a Strategy to disvaluate the Opponts Arguments without Adressing this arguments themselves. Its a Bad discussion Stile. Of course Carbon Sequestration was Not bannend for uneducated emotional reasons, but because of the risks People value to be more Important in Germany then in the USA. So Carbon that has been stored can be soluted in ground whater. That dös already Happen in Germany, the Eifel area being the best known example. Whater that dös solute Carbon is Likely to solute Heavy metals, which Would polute the ground water. How Likely this is Depends on the geological make up of your Country. That means something Thats unthinkable to do in One Place is ok in Another. The earthquakes that are Acording to Stanford University Likely to be Caused by this Storage are Not the Problem! Such an earthquakes can Damage the Storage so that the Carbon can be Set Free, which could Cause the Problems mentioned Before. Nobody can Build an undestructable Storage. Its the Values of a Population that define the Importlance of auch Pointe, Germans put a High value on nature and on their water. Did you know that the whater and Land Polution of Montana serves as Bad example Here? Its something to be prevened Here althought i got the Impression that us People dont put a High value on it. You Crossed over to Another Field Ill so the Same. I guess by now everybody Here knows what blood diamonds are. I am Against blood Diamons and Slave-Minining the Same Way as I opose gmo. I am Not Against Mining, I enjoy the Science behind it. I just dont suport Compagnien that earn Money by that means Thats why I ASK for certificated diamonds Produced by Compagnien that are ok. I ASK for the Same Labels on Food, because I dont like the Way gmo Compagnies undermine the Freedom of Choice, Demogracy, selfsuistanability, the Variety of Organisms, the existente of gmo Free Organisms, scientific discussion. Nobody from the pro Fraktion Adressed ever the possibility gmo and non gmo that interfered and Produce something entierly New, or in the Case of resistency the Problem Thats called Co Development Here. Then there is Research that Shows that there are negative effects on gmo. So someone days oh but that study Shows that this gmo is Bad for Fertility/increases the possibility of cancer and People Argue that gmo is Important in medicine or that the research in that field is important? Sorry Thats Not the Point that are two different Things.
  12. @esnym Good Points! Hmm althought Id like to add that my Blue and yellow potatoes are very Tasty! Wow your Country permits Food to be Sold as organic if its gmo? Here you are Not Even Allouwed to sell something as organic that was Feed with gmo! Wie also have a Lot of normal Producer food Labels that garantee to be gmo free... Glg ana
  13. @ angelkitty I enjoyed Reading your sources. Do you read German? I dont Want to hide but this is Not my Field so Most of my sources are German. Its Would be interesting but a pain in the Ass to compare sources if Not. I think its sad that People think its cooler to eat gmo than to provide a Good nutrition. Thats a General Observation and in my opinions a step in the wrong Direktion. In General you are right gmo can provide all Kind of Nitriten stuff in plants that usualy do Not Contain it. I am Not Promoting a General Ban of gmo, but a Choice. The Majority of your Population doesnt mind or think its Good? Fine. Wie decided otherwise, Not to Respect that means to question our souvereignity as a Staate. I have Data for drough resistent corn, its Output is 6 to 10 percent higher than that of normal corn in the Same circumstances. Another Observation steems from screening the rare Row Data given to These Kind of statistic. They tested gmo corn Against Standard corn and Not Against already existent Corn types that are known for being drough resistent. Nobody wants to test cars or materials that Way. The Messure the Output of a Field in unfittimg Environments, instand of Looking for Existing plants that like this Environment. I am Not Shure which Output Would be better. I live in a Place Thats cold and humid, still my gardens Output is higher than These of People in better places near by. The Secret is I know the Type of Earth, the Climate and the requirierend of the plants I use, a Lot of Old plant types by the Way. I cant grow everything, but I do have winter tomatoes, that survived the first frost nights. All of these plants have been genetically Modifikation over tousands of years if you Want to See it that Way.
  14. I have Never Seen Trostworth Data about the Benefizs of gmo Food. Even if you you were right about the Mad Science Thing, whats about the peoples right to Chose? Would you deny a population that right in favour of People that know better? Why do they try to Force gmo on an unwillig market, on People that Expressed their will to be gmo Free? Nobody ever tried to Force nuclear Energy on us( we Voten Against in Another Referendum Long ago) Nobody ever Said wie Need to Pay a Fine for Not allouwing nuclear plants on our ground. That Debatte is similar emotional.
  15. I See. Its sad that in this Kind of discussion People misstake Arguments, opinions and Observationen. I know perfectly welltest they use These mushrooms as flavour and that the inci lists are deciving. Thats why I like Banners. I trust the Labels and Banners I know, I wouldnt Trust a Banner from lets Day the USA or argentina that Claims to be organic. First of all i dont Trust their Controlling System, then their Laws of what is or is Not organic are very different from ours. My Main Point is still that i like to choose, for me thats the biggest argument of all. Of course the gmo Debatte is often very emotional, but so are a Lot of other debates and elections. I apreciate your Argumentation style.
  16. Is that meant to be an Argument? Maybe its too Compilated Where you are from. Wie have Little Banners that describe what you buy., One signals that you are buying organisch stuff, fair Trade stuff Another One that you are Buying a product Produced in the area. To put a gm-Free Button on stuff is neither difficult to do nor difficult to handle by the Customer. I guess Most People dont read the incrediency List Here either its simple Not necesarry if there is a Button that says: No chemicals that are supposed to so this or that, nö artifiziell Colours or Favorit or simple organic.
  17. I habe had that discussion Before. My Country has been sued by WTO, EU, and Compagnies like monsanto because a Lot of gmo are forbidden Here. The fast Majority of the Population prevers it that Way. They say ist Would be Against the Free market to forbide something thought to be harmless by Most of the World. But this is still something Against the Expressed will of the fast Majority of my country so isnt that Against Demogracy? Gmo Food Needs to be märkend Here, they put a Little sign GMO on Food in store. That means you know what you buy. Idont know anybody that Would buy Gmo. This is also a Case for a judge, because its limiting the Prospekts of Concerns that sell gmos. Whats about my Free Choice as a Customer? If Not marked i cant decide for or against it. Whats about the customers right of Information? I mean they already steal a populations right to decide about Whats Not grown on its soil...the. They Take our Ability to decide wheater we buy it or not. Of course all in Defence of the Free market. Its Not True that Gmo necesarry Leads to better/higher Results than conservative farming or Even organic farming. Then its true We already Produce enaugh, Thats Not the Problem. Productions Even more will Not help us to decide wider about what we Produce. Gmo Farms Polute other Farms. The owner of such farms have been Sued for Unsing Gmo illegaly. If gmo Polute other seeds a Choice is taken from us, we are Not Abel any more to Choose gmo Free Produkts if gmo is legal. There are studies that Show how harmless Gmos are. Is ist True that in the us the One that has to Proof that they are harmless is the Producer? I mean come One Companies Controlling the Validität of their Own Claims? Gmo concerns undermine Demogracy. Gmo Fields undermine our Future ability to Chose. While Not Marking Food that Contains Gmos Takes our power as customers away. The Claims of harmlessness are questionable. Gmo do Not necesarrily Provider a better outcome. So that doesnt mean i Would use gmo medicine or that i am Against genetics i just realy like my ability to choose. Glg ana
  18. I got a beautifull egg a few days ago, so i guess i have been Good Last Year ;-) The first gifts habe been acepted last week. But the alt vine hatchling I Sent is growing up in 9 hours. I Messaged my giftee Again and couldnt find a Email link in her Profile. I wanted to ASK if anybody was Willing to try this: I will leave the link as it is and go to bed, Thats going to be in 4 hours. If the hatchling is Not picked up then and you have got a giftee that requested an alt vine feel Free to pm me. I will Sent the link to you too so you can Pass it on to your Own giftee. I dont Want to find an adult alt vine Dragon on my scroll tomorrow, it was difficult enough to get it. Of course If the alt vine goes to Another giftee Ill try to get Another One for Mine, who hopefully is Not disapointed. Glg ana
  19. 1. I Want to Find a Way to make Ductile Creramics 2. Cold Fusion that can Not be missused 3. I Want the wish Thats best in the Interest of all to come true
  20. That is what i meant when i Said being thought about ist doesnt make you fit to Discuss it, ill try my best. Actually the republics of Weimar and staint Germain, the Nation that didnt Want itself and so forth are Part of what i Refered to. We do learn about the consequenses of the so called Peace contracts of ww1, I guess that is what you Reffer to. Such contracts are made to punisch and to Harm they are Not meant to enshure Long lasting peace. So lets say that there are understandable reasons or Causes for Starting ww2- improving your economic standard prooved to be reason enaugh, especially if your people are starving. Breaking the contract of Weimar Would have been enaugh, but its not france the germans invaded first. The Day Germany decided to imvade other Nations it started a war. the Day it decided to Take Human rights from Parts Of its Population germany crossed Another line. No economic or political reason, no Wongs the others did can Chance that. Lol and of course we do know that the allies did also Commit war crimes, you hear what your grandparents have to Tell about the Time. Totaly different from TV by the way. We know that millions of People Where kicked Out of their Lands After ww2, Raped and tortured, killed. Does that make our Own crimes any better? Maybe the only difference is that we are forced to acknowledge them. I am Not proud of what we did at that Time, and i dont belive in Heroic Deeds. Its Not Heroic to invade a Country Thats Not prepared to defend itself, its Not Heroic to defend a Country Thats already Lost, its disregard of human Lifes. Ana
  21. For this Chrissmass I Would realy like offspring from a Male moonstone and a female Sunstone! What a Great Game! Glg Ana Wow I got 8 eggs within Minutes! The First One Was Acepted and I will pm the others right away Dragonpuck was the First to Grant me my Chrissmass wish! So i was gifted eggs by monikaop, Dinora, lipop00, cheese456, Milkaq66, nahala, I Sent an ICE egg to endeva and a Nebula hatchling .. They didnt pick them up So...anybody Else Interested in them? Glg ana
  22. @red2111 I tried to Show by Exempel that the concept of what a right means changed a Lot with Time, and the eye of the beholder. I always thought ist was interesting that in Most Antique Societies a Person could sell his or her Personal Freedom, that was part of your personal responibility if you happened to be born free. That does Not Affekt or Limit others. Seen with the eyes of this Time we have given up this right by asuming Personal Freedom to be Universal. I am Not going to Argue internal us politics in that Case because i Lack the Background Knowledge. Its realy interesting that the whole discussion is so right based. There is a statistic i read Long ago Snowing that suicide Rates are stabile within a Society. Whats interesting about is that One of the Main reasons seemed to be the amount of Aggression Thats turned Inwards, Against Yourself and or your Closest Family. They Argued there was a correlation with suicide and violate-crimerates. A Society that turns Aggression Inwards is very Safe. One of the Exempels given was the fact that Woman in Vienna go for Walkes in Parks atome at Midnight. A Society with Löw suicide Rates seems to have higher Crime Rates. So Maybe the whole Gun discussion is focussing on. Symptom and Not on the Source.
  23. Before the er's of enlightment and the french Revolution the only ones in Europe who had Natural god given rights Where aristocrats and clergy. they Where Born with this rights. The philisophy of enlightment and the Age of revolution are the Parents of the idea of Human rights. Rights you are Born with and that cant be taken from you without your Own guild. A criminal may Loose this rights, and After the Revolution Woman Where Not granted These rights althought they seriously fought for them. Not everybody in the World Agrees about what These rights exactly are, they are clearly Western and Christian as a whole. I am Not American but the fact that a Creator apears in your Deklaration is Kind of scarry from my point of view. The emperator was Born with a god given right to rule, today the Church is Not abäse of our Staate. Isnt that declaration a Violation of the Separation of Church and Staate? Doesnt that Take a religiouse paradigma for granted Thats clearly based upon a monotheistisch Fate? There is a difference in this Debatte Thats Kind of funny, americans seem to think its their right to Own Weapons to defend themsfelves from their Own Staate if necesarry. Swiss People are drafted and store their weapons at home to defend their Staate from Outside enemies. Remember they are neutral. I dont know anybody Here that is afraid of being robbed, it doesnt seem to happen very often. Criminals that do so are Not armed. Neither is the Majority of the citicens. the criminals do Not expect to be threatened with Gunst and so they dont have guns. Oh and something Else I am over 30 i know a Lot of Hunters because of the Place i live in. I have Never been Allouwed to though their guns. Not once. Our boys are drafted so they know how to use them, but no hunter would give a gun to somebody without gun licence. When i Visited a Friend in the usa I was Allouwed to Fire One by two different People. They Said that they didnt violate a Law by giving them to me, giving guns to otherside didnt Bother them at all. Interesting discussion
  24. Hmmm both languges are Not difficult, Maybe the best Start Would be to learn your Own Language. Ok that Sounds Strange, if its Said so blutly. I mean learning the grammar and the Syntax of a Strange Language is much rasier if you are already familiar with the Concept. And the easierst Way to learn that Concept is to learn the structure of your Own Language. Most People that understand the One Language seem to understand the other too, in both countries Most People are fluent in english. I think the pronounciation and grammar of Norway is supposed to be a Little Bit more archaic than that of swedish. For Me swedish Sounds softer more melodic, but Sommerhow i think norwaygian more: come to the Point What so you mean by better? The Social Standards are very High in both, the universities are also very Good in both. Norway has more mountains and sweden more flat Lands. Norwy is not a member of eu sweden is. Hmmm and the Options to Pay for university are different.
  25. Turkey and Israel seem to be the Most active right now. Turkey is the only Country that interfered so far. The only one i know of. Germany and france(?) sent missiles to turkey in Order to help Turkey to defend its border, refudgee Camps at or close to its border and so on. other countries offered to Host negotiations. About being Vokal, EU is very vocal, so is NATO, but what Happens After interfering in styria? Who, would you put in charge? The old goverment, thats corrupt but defended syrias minorities? A new goverment thats likley Not to so so? if there are elections what Happens if the West doesnt like the outcome? It could destabilisier the area, Cause a civil war following the war now. Look at After wwI Look at Ägypt being vocal or Endung the comFlughafen by Shire power is just the Beginning, who is Abel to Face the responsibility? This Therad is about American politics ist it? Id realy Love to read about World politics, but a few Days ago a Therad for that was closed due to being a Duplikate so i guess ist Would be ok to Discuss politics on a Bigger scale Here?