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  1. grew up with (listed in order of predominance) digimon adventures-frontiers detective conan tom and jerry cardcaptor sakura yugioh I didn't really watch the pokemon anime until I was 14ish, though I did grew up with the video games
  2. Bold and independent females X3 motherly (っ °Д °)っ or artistic/creative (usually introverted) males!
  3. too much minecraft, when you walk by a mansion and think to self "pssh, my house in minecraft is soooo much awesome-er than that!"
  4. FTL on my laptop, finally got the crystal cruiser after weeks of no luck! also, finally achieved full synch for ACIII last week, I am terrible at stealth games. sigh.
  5. For this Christmas I would like a Holly
  6. My computer screen is emitting EMR, and prolonged exposure may cause health conditions
  7. I really like Tri-Horn X BBW. Very weird combo, but a brown and green checker will look very classy, I think. As for the female tri-horn, I am trying to decide between pink and hellfire.
  8. 1) being offsite for over a year, most regrettable because I found all of my 600some dragons lost their names... 2)Froze about 12 CB black hatchling (but then again, who won't have done that several years back?) 3)Not releasing my messy inbred dragons before I took a break. I came back and unknowingly bred some of them with my metallics (the low gen ones especially).
  9. Real Name: A female vamp with one victim (。・ω・。)ノ♡ How nice since vamps are one of my favorite dragons breed here in DC
  10. I was there for the first hour. The AP was full of 6 days eggs, and that is usually a sign of early Christmas shopping (LOL). Honestly I don't think it is that bad comparing to the scramble for a CB autumn egg a couple years back...(/◉Д◉)/ Though it is getting very laggy because the first batch just hatched and the owners (me included) thirsts for more.
  11. I find that it is easier to pick up eggs from the 5 minute drops rather than the hourly drops. The number of people instantly hikes up to 250+ when the hourly drops starts, and my poor laptop just freezes up. I think I caught all except one of my eggs from 5 minute drops. Can't wait to see the matured dragons tmw (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  12. CB Sunset/Sunrise egg for my especially. I adored the sprite, so I collected quite a few. After they made a different sprite for the female I stopped collecting them. But apparently my brain is now set to auto-click everytime a sunset/sunrise egg pop up in the cave. This urge is almost impossible to resist, and I click on the egg 95% of the time. I have the same problem with reds. However Incubate is very useful, and I need CB reds for my lineage project, so the problem isn't as bad.
  13. silver right now :< but just 6 more until gold...
  14. Member #: 19,308 Forum joined date: 24-October 08 Cave joined date: 18-October 08 (i think ) i is a senior
  15. i havent tried EQ yet, and the statistics arent really improving my opinion of EQ. one of my friends tried EQ, and it resulted in 5 dead eggs (lol, teh reason i never used EQ) i dont see myself ever using EQ as my scroll is always locked by the dragons that i values very much, i dont like the risk of killing any of them *sticks to incubate* it is much safer without any risks :3 and -1 day is enough for me ^^
  16. new ones :3 F: Mortis Lollipopz Pleiades-Lucifer Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic M: Alliumphobia <--- my fav vamp name :3 Heliophobic (H)
  17. why does our scrolls seems to be extending when sketches of dragons is added? where does the extra paper comes from?
  18. me try: humans take eggs/hatchlings as experiment subjects for researching neglected, so why doesnt bystander dragons get angry watching a mere human killing a memver of their species? and side note, how do we exactly experiment on the eggs? do we hurl the eggs to a lab hidden behind the cave? where do we find the equipments as well? E: this is a placed called dragon cave, where dragons exist. so how did humans came to this place? why do we exist at all in DRAGON cave?
  19. i haz the following: F: Sayaine no-NEO-Im INNOCENT M: Advachie Death teh kiD Sebby teh Devil and finally an ungendered hatchie: Mortis Lollipopz