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  1. Getting sooo close to having a victor My round 3 battles D1 Maddox III (blacktip) v D7 Amun III (royal blue) - - > D1 Maddox IV D3 Danika III (sunrise) v D6 Scarlett III (black) - - > D3 Danika IV So my winner will either be a sunrise or a blacktip
  2. Congrats Lastalda on your second Victor After refusing to breed last week I now have my round II eggs (just not in the oderly way I wanted them ie D1 v D2 on so) D1 Maddox II (blacktip) v D4 Gwen II (tri-horn) - - > D1 Maddox III D2 Lucien II (sunsong) v D7 Amun II (royal blue) - - > D7 Amun III D3 Danika II (sunset) v D8 Siennna II (ember) - - > D3 Danika III D5 Oliva II (white) v D6 Scarlet II (black) - - > D6 Scarlet III
  3. 2nd gen PB stripes looking for new homes Blue Blue White Red
  4. All of my 2nd gens have grown up and all but one pair have refused each other Will have to wait a week to see if the pairs can find mates if not will have to re-breed the CBs
  5. The second battles have begun and the first to compete are D5 Olivia II v D6 Scarlet II and the winner is Scarlet Just waiting on the other tributes growing up so I can put them into battle
  6. No prize here for me but congrats everyone that did get a prize. Will be pretty fun seeing new tinsel and shimmer lines, wonder what codes everyone will chose.
  7. I like nice dragons with a nice lineages which means if an inbred dragon has been done with a purpose with a cool naming theme and is even gen or stairstep then to me it's fine. I wouldn't personally breed them myself as I prefer non inbred but I would keep a nicely lineaged inbred. It the random long messy ones that hurt my eyes and that goes for if there is inbreeding involved or not.
  8. Is a CB Black egg or a CB Tan Ridgewing egg worth a CB Seasonal hatchie?
  9. Forum Name:nxtashaxt The Reaping My Chosen Tributes: District One: Ashlyn (Lumina) v Maddox (Blacktip) and the survivor is Maddox District Two Anya (Stripe) v Lucien (Sunsong) and the survivor is Lucien District Three: Danika (Sunrise) v Reyes (Hellfire) and the survivor is Danika District Four: Gwen (Tri-horn) v Sabin (Swallowtail) and the survivor is Gwen District Five: Olivia (White) v Aeron (Moonstone) and the survivor is Olivia District Six: Scarlet (Black) v Gideon (Nebula) and the survivor is Scarlet District Seven Haidee (Seasonal) v Amun (Royal Blue) and the survivor is Amun District Eight: Sienna (Ember) v Paris (Ridgewing) and the survivor is Sienna
  10. Found a Magma Shimmerkin <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/PiYCA
  11. I was working on this last Spring but got distracted I wanna Join PLZ!!! Do you want to opt in for receiving personal breeding requests though pms? Yes If YES please put your scroll name, and forum name here: nxtashaxt Do you have any royals or moonstones capable for this lineage? If no, would you like to be gifted? I started working on a spiral and can easily catch new RBs without aid How many generation can you make by yourself? I'm working on forth gen Any extra notes? like you don't hold on to gifted eggs etc etc? This is my lineage so far http://dragcave.net/lineage/xHpyR
  12. I am doing an even gen project with Seasonal not sure if that fits your requirements but if it does I am always willing to gift offspring. I am hoping to get an egg from these two 4G The Trees Like Torches x 4G With Gently Smiling Jaws before the end of winter I own each of the base pairs so can do 2-5th gen depending on season Have other seasonal even gens on my scroll but I do not own the base pairs for them
  13. If I won a prize dragon I think I'd keep all the 2nd gens to myself and only trade/gift 3rd gen dragons, as I like spirals I could insure that all lineages would have to twist to look pretty. I have a code in mind for it and it is available If I got an HM would be torn between practical wish of Holly for the trading of 2nd gens or the real dream of a CB Red Stripe.
  14. I love the look of Blusang eggs they are just soo pretty. The Valentine holiday eggs are always stunning too and I do have a thing for seasonals (mostly spring and autumn) and stripes.
  15. I managed to reach gen 5 with my magma x Tan ridgewing line http://dragcave.net/lineage/GIW34
  16. Found in the AP, failed to alt and is very inbred. Could you love this little black hatchie? Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Woke up this morning and had my gold trophy
  18. Just summoned my second guardian, kind of sad this will be my last one but sooo happy for the two I now have
  19. I've been having terrible luck with my 2nd gen Winter start Springs refusing each other when I test breed them. Fortunately still got quite a few days of spring left to breed and have two successful pairs. 2G The Pines Were Roaring x 2G On The Height 2G How Neatly x 2G Spread His Claws
  20. Caught this beautiful Spring in the AP today, hopefully one day I'll be able to get a mate for it http://dragcave.net/lineage/mQUIY
  21. I'm trying to do a black x white stripe checker from all my CB stripes and on on their first breeding these two gave me a black stripe, they are my favourite stripes of the hour http://dragcave.net/lineage/04Fwp
  22. This thread made me curious so I counted my metals. I currently have 24 in total : 9 Golds (1 inbred that I do not breed from) and 15 Silver's (1 CB and 1 inbred). The strange thing is before the metal boom this year I only had 1 Gold, you have to love how good metal breeding has been for everyone.
  23. Is anyone else working on a female Magma x male Tan Ridgewing evengen lineage? I would really a bloodswap. I have a magma looking for a magma or tan ridgewing not related to her or him Out of teleports at the moment so please message me if you can help and want to trade
  24. Just caught my first CB Silver in the desert
  25. Gift Report: Adharra -> nxtashaxt: silver egg Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0o6Tt