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  1. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum Name: nxtashaxt

    Scroll Name: nxtashaxt

    Group Name: nxtashaxt's Secret Santa 2018


    1. CB Gold

    2. 2g Female influenced Black Alt from female Black x male Grave not related to https://dragcave.net/lineage/ct6zK

    3. CB Aeon

    4. 4g Even-gen Checker Silver or Gold

    5. 2g Ice x 2018 Solstice or Solstice that hasn't been bred to Ice before, both parents named

    6. Pink Dragon Even-gen checker any gen

    7.  Hatchie from any dragon released in 2017 or 2018


    Breeding abilities: Cannot do low gen prizes or spriter alts, no female golds, missing a lot of the CBs for the past two years.

    Catching abilities: Can do commons and sometimes uncommons like trios etc

    Trading abilities: Cannot trade for the ultra rares like low gen prizes, CB metals, spriter alts etc

    Teleport abilities: I have plenty of teleports

  2. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum name: nxtashaxt

    Scroll name: nxtashaxt


    1. CB Gold

    2. 3G from Spriter's Alt

    3. 3G Metal even-gen Checker

    4. CB Zyumorph

    5. CB Pink

    6.  2g Ice from 2017 Solstice (named parents)

    7. CB Hatchie from any 2017 released dragon

    Breeding abilities: 2 CB Male Golds, many Silvers, 5G Tinsels

    Catching abilities: Not very good, can catch commons and most uncommons (trios)

    Trading abilities: Can trade for everything except rares like CB metals, low prizes or Alts

    Teleport abilities: I have lots of Magi