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  1. COOL finally finished the haunting not going to tell though BEST HALLOWEEN EVER
  2. this is gunna be awesome! my first holiday here!!!!
  3. he saw you.......... why cant i get a rainbow dragon? it's in completed requests
  4. .....no,but i would give him a staring contest
  5. V V V V V banned because you found the arrows first V V V V
  6. banned for being not as awesome as me
  7. because they are melted down to make dragon statues why can't i find a frill dragon
  8. neglected: something that has been ignored or damaged by it's owner.this sometimes happens to animals and even humans. i had a summer dragon witch had an egg but when the egg hatched dragon in to an Autumn dragon,WTH????
  9. banned for not thinking with portals
  10. banned because you have a non-animated avatar
  11. well they would go near each other if you undid the chains why cant my dragons move?
  12. it means- :ERROR 88244774r83433eh4931389 how do i get to the forum?
  13. banned for not being on my side of the war
  14. the graveyard you left your scroll next to what does ninja'd mean???
  15. *fly's around happily i cool stormy air*
  16. it's not,it doesn't exists and is just a cleaver lie to make you search why cant we talk about neglected dragons?