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  1. i have upwards of 20 plants in my room.... it's becoming an issue
  2. is there a certain color Zyu that is considered more rare? or one that is more common than the rest?
  3. NONE of my cb aeon pairs wanted to give me an egg today. sigh...
  4. 5g pb trade 4g pb trade 3g pb trade this thread hasn't had much action in a while and i haven't been very active but: here are some opportunities for PB swaps if anyone is willing! i still would love to make a massive PB aeon lineage.
  5. are CB aegis dropping in the holiday cave ? I haven't seen any, nor have I seen any up for trade.
  6. @ThePureBlood ahh shoot, i missed it :// if you breed another from that pair feel free to PM me, i will take it ! i also still have a ton of 2g pairs i can breed for you if you'd like. (-: @BlueLatios i will take higher gen lineages, i have a lot of 2g's but i am quite short on 3g's and above, if you have any that you were just going to get rid of i would be happy to take them off your hands. (-:
  7. i have 2 3G's right now, if this is still available for swap.
  8. hey so what is up folks, i hate to double post but i have two 3rd generation even gen PB's i'd love to blood swap!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/XMLf3 : --offer. https://dragcave.net/lineage/YaWKt : --offer. here is my group of PB and CB aeons : https://dragcave.net/group/69520 if anyone wants offspring from those, and if at all possible i'd like to get bloodswaps unrelated to any of these but if not that is fine too. (':
  9. sounds about right. i find it hard to let people in at first, and when i do i am always terrified that i won't be good enough, although i'm generally aware that the other person likes me. i tend to not feel worthy of the other's affection and it can cause some rough patches when you're trying to love someone even with your own self-hatred. ://
  10. you're welcome ! i actually caught the parent in the AP as well and sometimes i like to breed BSA's for people to catch there in return. (':
  11. viewbombers really are out and about .. i came back after a short time, and all my eggs are sick, and i didn't add them to hatcheries. 🙃
  12. i also think the 3 adults requirement is too easy.. shouldn't it at least be something slightly more difficult? maybe not as restrictive as the wyrms but definitely something like a higher number of dragons. maybe around 12, since that's 3 per week.
  13. the breeding mechanics can sometimes be really annoying , sigh! i hope they give you a tea soon, i like the truffle x tea pairing both for the breed similarities and the visual pairing and i'd love to see a pretty checker made from it.
  14. if the colouration of the adults is similar to the eggs and the poses are decent then i think they'll look good. (': i've only been breeding PB truffles from my two gustitches so i don't know the struggle of that, but it definitely must be frustrating! i just now put a couple names in to hold for the gusties.
  15. okay great!! i'm excited to see what the gusties will look like, now that they're out the lineage is sort of coming full circle (':
  16. now that the real Gusties are back is anyone interested in breeding them with them once they're grown to continue the lineage?
  17. once this new release hype is over, i would be glad to swap one or two 3G offspring.
  18. also i just wanted to point this out so it would be noticed early on, the feathery egg description is missing end punctuation lol. @TJ09
  19. i was reloading hunting for aeons and suddenly saw new eggs !! ahh thanks TJ (-: