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  1. Yeee ❤️ Sent Pretty Things Again. I hope whomever receives them likes them ❤️
  2. Oh wow I didn't know they closed. Why? They were good imaging site, but I agree with Brazen and Starbit that Imgur is good too and its not a one time link like Tinypic!
  3. I hope its OK I posted this in the Help section. I don't know if anyone has noticed but anyone who has a picture in their signature through TinyPic, they have been deleted. I just figured I would post this here for anyone who doesn't realize this has happened to them and I don't know if its just me seeing them, but this is all I have been seeing the past two days, and I wanted to make a post on it in case the images were important to anyone.
  4. I have a 2GSA and I was actually Lucky, the Spriter came to me first and wanted a 2G Prize Egg and 2G Prizekin Just be nice! ask if they need anything and if they have some time to try to breed one for you!. I am trying to get another one from a different Spriter, but they are specifically looking for 4-5 Letter word codes (with proper letters, not 0's for O's or capital L's for I's) and I have NO luck with word codes.
  5. I have a Dragon with wild parents and I think its pretty awesome. I think I picked it up in the abandoned page in 2015, so maybe they breed sometimes? or like Fuzz said, abandoned egg, then the parents. Either way I think the concept of Wild Dragons is great, it adds to the lore that we are going into their caves and snatching up their babies.
  6. I hope whoever receives my gift enjoys it ❤️
  7. Lineage Request: Need help with a future Lineage Projects: Need 1 - Tercon x Mutamore - 2G Tercon Egg. Need 1 - Male Aether x Female Aeria - 2G Aether Egg. (mine keep breeding Aeria Eggs.) Thanks for the help Lesh!
  8. Have a Tercon x Mutamore looking for a blood swap for future lineage project. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!