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  1. Hi everyone. I haven't been on the site in five years, and I came back because I missed it. Imagine how surprised I was by all the new things, like the moons, or the encyclopedia! But I noticed almost immediately that a lot of my older dragon breeds - in fact the vast majority of them - don't have any of their information down. The encyclopedia states that I've never had any black dragon eggs when my first dragon back in '08 was a black dragon, and other things like that. Will I have to get new dragons, or is that just my life now?
  2. Bear Loon I'm imagining a giant duck with a bear's head.
  3. Archdracine Cibola Quivera is now mine
  4. omg it's kairi indeed Anyway, we must because we can, especially in context.
  5. You could just link it via text. I mean, it's not so bad. Red is Awesome
  6. *running* By the way *deep breath* does anybody know *deep breath* who's it?
  7. Lagie hates mint dragons with a fury seldom seen outside of revenge scenes in action movies
  8. Dan is buying the next devastator in question services asdfee
  9. now my Ice Palace is fabulously OP! ... And I'm mostly out of snow.
  10. Snowdeer, perhaps? Snowibou? *eaten by a shark* These are shaping up to absolutely gorgeous. Happy holidays, friends. <3
  11. EDIT: 'd Oli Salisbury Polk Mitt I still think it's hilurious
  12. Banned because he looks at everyone funny.