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  1. Too bad I'll never know what those layouts looked like... Unless someone puts up a picture of them?
  2. How often are the Easter eggs popping up?
  3. Is the Day 5 dragon going to be a rare breed or a more common one?
  4. I think you made a typo in your answer to the second question in your FAQ. It says, "If you have 25 commons, but you've already requested a vampire, you can't request a silver until you've collected 20 more commons." I think you made an error in your math. Since a vampire "costs" 6 commons, if you have 25 commons, that would leave you with 19 commons to "spend", so wouldn't that mean that you would only have to collect 6 more commons instead of 20? And may I sign up? And what are some ways I and others can use to easily keep track of which dragons we've "spent"? Also, sorry if I