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  1. In the leftmost temple door, are you really just supposed to guess the order of the doors? There are no hints or anything? Nevermind, I solved it.
  2. Wish we could play minigames of years past... How long do we have to wait for a new treat to pop up?
  3. Oh sweet, a release on my birthday.
  4. I'm also getting an "An error has occurred" message.
  5. So the Holiday Event will be text-based instead of the game-like thing? Fine by me. (I like the games, but I'll be visiting relatives in another state this year.)
  6. Dang, how long will it take me to get those musky eggs?
  7. What's this "Dragon's Dilemma" mini-game and where does one find it? Edit: Wait, nevermind, found it.
  8. Looks like we'll never know if the last chapter was going to have an epilogue or not. Unless one of the devs releases it somewhere.
  9. The last day is either today or tomorrow, and I can't help but worry what'll happen if the bar isn't filled out in time... Unless the final chapter doesn't have an epilogue to unlock.
  10. 84% with less than 15 minutes to go... I wonder what the creators had planned to do in case a bar didn't get filled out.
  11. Am I the only one getting increasingly worried that the progress bar might not get filled out in time?
  12. So are we not going to get an epilogue to chapter 1...?
  13. I was able to submit my puzzle by going to a different browser.
  14. Is anyone else having a thing where clicking the "submit" button after finishing the puzzle does nothing?
  15. I just wish I didn't have to put up with this five hour "can't abandon/teleport" new egg period.
  16. I ended up with one blue alpine egg, one blue crystal egg, five green crystal eggs, and no red crystal eggs. I am not happy with this. Now I have to wait five hours before I can abandon some of the green eggs.
  17. Try going to another screen. I noticed that I didn't get checkmarks for the sidequests until I went to another screen.
  18. Has Gladys (or Galdys) been added yet?
  19. I'm having some problems with moving. My character continues moving even after I've let go of the key.
  20. Should I be concerned that this hasn't updated since last year?