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  1. Awesome! Thank god I decided to check in today
  2. The only ones I really follow now are Cr1TiKaL and the gang at Rooster Teeth. I used to really love Pewdiepie but I got bored of him.
  3. I shall ride one of these into battle! Wow these are so majestic and proud looking, I love it. Thank you Odeen and Birdz! I'm still gonna call them snow lions.
  4. Another Christmas breeding and no 2nd gen Holly for me. On the bright side, when I do finally manage to get one it'll be that much more exciting.
  5. Oh gosh I've never seen that combo before and it's stunning. Congrats on such a great catch!
  6. Valentine's Day is my favorite because two of my favorite dragons are Valentine breeds (Sweetlings and Radiant Angels) so I always try to grab some with pretty/special lineages. Christmas is too stressful for me cause stupid Hollies and I'm not much of a hoarder so Halloween is meh to me.
  7. I'll be quite honest, I've had a love-hate relationship with the raffle ever since I started DC. I mean yes the prospects of winning a special dragon is really exciting, but the drama that ALWAYS surrounds it just takes away all the excitement for me. No matter what happens there will be people who complain over something not going their way. However I will say that if there is a raffle this year I do hope HM prizes come back. Am I the only one who'd rather have a CB Holly over a CB Tinsel/Shimmer-scale?
  8. As soon as I saw the S2 hatchies had a mane I started calling them snow lions. Plus Odeen is one of the spriters so all the more reason to assume they're feline hehe.
  9. I seriously considered swiping that pie lol. But I didn't and the baker gave one to me anyway so yay.
  10. I messed up (highlight contains spoiler for the new day): I guess I misread and accidentally kept the pocket watch instead of giving it back. I feel bad now lol.
  11. So many messy Hollies, but I'm pleased to have caught this pretty.
  12. When you've caught over 200 Hollies since the breeding started and not a single one is second gen. _(:3 」∠)_ *dying noises* In other news, I'm loving this event a lot. Hands down my favorite Christmas event I've participated in. Thank you to all involved in making this happen!
  13. I'll never get over how perfect Hollies and Golds look together. Congrats!
  14. I laughed at the end of day two because yeah I found Buffy but in doing so I abducted all the other cats in the village. Hopefully they were all strays.
  15. Wait so bred Mistletoes can be male or female? Didn't catch that until now. But that leaves a ton more lineage options available so thats awesome.
  16. Catching an ungodly amount of Hollies and not a single one being second gen.
  17. Getting strong Pokemon flashbacks with this haha.
  18. I don't have any tattoos, but recently I've been considering getting a water color tattoo. I doubt I'll be getting it, but they're so beautiful to look at.
  19. Looooove the Two-Headed sprites! They look a lot more formidable and realistic. I'm a little iffy on the Silvers...I remember back when numerous people showed their own updated versions of the Silvers and I didn't like any of them. I'm afraid I'm not really excited about these ones either (though they could grow on me, which happened to me with the Holly update.) I agree the old sprites looked a bit outdated, but something about them didn't make me mind that they were outdated. I definitely don't hate these, but I'm not exactly a fan either right now.