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Wishlist ARK2-1.gifScrollI accept IOUs in most cases.Holly_egg.pngFinal Scroll Goals: 2nd gen Holly x Radiant Angel for him and 2nd gen Holly x female Ice (but any 2nd gen will do). Will trade very generously.Holly_egg.png


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    •I accept and give IOUs at my own risk. If I'm being rather slow forfilling an IOU feel free to poke me about it. I have no intentions of burning you as I have experienced it first hand. That being said, I have the right to refuse an IOU from anybody.

    •Still looking to trade for my first second gen Gold Tinsel! However any second gen prize is auto to any trade of mine as long as I'm able to continue the line.

    •IOUs owed to me:
    draogn: 2g sl shsc (pending)
    tjsweepers: CB female ND & 2g pz (pending)
    xXLatiasxXxLatiosXx: 2g sl shsc
    Namii: 2g gd ts (tbd)
    acm1923: 2g gd shsc
    Mysfytt: 2nd gen sl shsc
    izuzi0: CB Chrono

    •IOUs I owe:
    mysterrie: Offspring from Arctic Rust, Samhain Saga, and Kaela ai'Kaimelar (wait a bit before sending)
    acm1923: (negotiating)
    The_Bucket: CB Gold, [CB Almandine, CB Spessartine, and first 3rd gen Tinsel produced.]

    •My Completed IOUs:
    Zly: 8 Unbreedables (8/8)✓
    Kirarakitty: Cheese and Chicken✓
    Spiteful_Crow: 2 CB Red hatchies✓
    Khyriana: 6th Silver Shimmer-scale from Sapphire Sorrows✓
    Coyote: CB female Ice, CB Blusang, and 10 Z code dragons (10/10)✓
    Vanellope: 3 CB Trios & 2 CB Golds✓
    xXLatiasxXxLatiosXx: 3rd gen from Kaela and 3 CB Greenwing hatchies (3/3)✓
    beiningtian: Any lined Thunder and 4 Falconiform hatchies (4/4)✓
    hotbottleo'water1: 3 CB Coppers, one of each color (3/3)✓
    PolarVortex: 2nd gen Arsani x Almandine✓
    The_Imago: Sweetling x Moonstone swap✓
    Infinis: CB male Silver and bronze shimmer from Royal Blood of Kira✓
    bloodonmyfangs: 4 CB metals (Gold, Silver, or Copper) (4/4)✓

    •Regarding Prize Dragons:
    When it comes to Tinsels and Shimmer-scales I'm NOT a lineage collector. My goal is just to have one male and female 2nd gen of each color of each breed. I'm not completely against lineage swaps but please note that I will prioritize other trades over swaps.

    ~**Holiday Breeding Requests**~

    •I only take holiday requests when the corresponding holiday is nearing, this is so that I'm sure not to forget about a request made several months ago.

    •Christmas Breeding Requests are OPEN.

    izuzi0 - 2nd gen Solstice from Wintry Renewal x Pacific Starlight [Breed 12/20 in evening for Rose Wings]

    ~**Holiday Lineage Projects**~

    •I'm seeking mates for the following lineages, will trade if needed.

    -Valentines Day-
    Sweetling mate for her: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ji5d3
    Sweetling mate for her: http://dragcave.net/lineage/axhqP
    Valentine 09 mate for him: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ra4h4
    Heartseeker mate for her: http://dragcave.net/lineage/hCKKH
    (in progress)
    (in progress)

    ~**Normal Breeding Requests**~

    •I breed upon request. This excludes my CB metals and 2nd Prizes. Other than that you're free to ask.

    •Rudeness will not be tolerated. At all. This is your warning. I will not respond to rude PMs of any kind.

    •Feel free to ask for updates on your egg if it's been a while.

    •I will keep a bred egg for a maximum of 48 hours. If you don't pick it up within that amount of time it may not be available.


    ~**Dragcave stuff**~

    •My scroll is here: http://dragcave.net/user/KaelaBoo24

    •DO NOT PUT MY EGGS AND/OR HATCHLINGS ON CLICKSITES!!! I know how to raise my dragons. If you really want to help, leave them alone. If you're doing it just to be cute, then a sincere grow up from me to you.

    •I can/will catch multiple cb Coppers, Trios, Unbreedables, and/or Metals for any 2nd gen prize dragon. I'm not one of those people who wants a 2nd gen from every lineage, I just want one male and one female 2nd gen of every color. I'd love to have a mate of my choice but I'm perfectly fine with anything that looks pretty. So rarity of lineages and such are irrelevant to me. I just care if it looks nice. =^.^=

    •I do not collect Shimmer/Tinselkins. I won't trade for them unless I like the breed or I need one for a lineage.

    •Spriter Alts I would care to get 2nd gen offspring from: Shimmer-scale (only 3rd gens available), Solstice, Valentine 09, Ribbon Dancer, both Sweetlings, both Rosebuds.

    •I adore both regular and Alt Sweetlings, as well as Radiant Angel Dragons. Any 2nd gen and/or pretty lineage including them are welcome to a lovely home on my scroll.

    •I love Gold-horned Tangars. I'm more than happy to provide a home for any that need one.

    •My dream prize pairings are female Bronze Tinsel x male Gold-horned Tangar, male Silver Shimmer-scale x female Silver, male Silver Shimmer-scale x Solstice, male or female Silver Tinsel x Black Tea, Gold Tinsel/Shimmer-scale x Water

    •I'm an even gen enthusiast. I have a couple of lineages I'm working on myself.

    •I don't freeze hatchlings.

    •I may trade names depending on the name you want and what you're offering in return.


    ~**Other stuff about me**~

    •Please just call me Kaela. No need for the extra stuff, save your precious typing time!

    •If I happen to ignore your PM, shoot me another one as I have most likely forgotten. However it's not uncommon for me to read messages and reply a while later.

    •Fandoms I currently am apart of are RWBY, Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, Castle, Avatar the Last Airbender, Disney, The Big Bang Theory, Lady Gaga, Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Death Note, and others I cannot think of at this moment.

    •I don't mind chatting, PM me if you just want to talk. I don't bite. ;)

    Thanks for reading! \(^_^)/

    NTS, wishlist is here http://ow.ly/uY6qb
    NTS, Syphoneira for 4th gen Holly mate