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  1. Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful. So heartbreaking.....
  2. Stage 1 regular black hatchlings. THEY ARE MINE!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!! er... *ahem* ... No, I don't need to see a doctor ... because I am beyond help. LOL
  3. I am not a participant of Secret Santa; however I do follow it to see what I can help. To all Secret Santa: I currently have a 3G alt black hatchie from gold x black perfect checker. The li'l guy was influenced to continue the lineage. If any Secret Santa needs this, please send me a PM. Keep up all the good work Santa!!! You're doing an awesome job!
  4. Maybe the fact that April announced a very limited list prompted people to contact her now/ASAP in hope to get on the list now. PS: did you see my PM?
  5. IOU trade is not premitted in this forum ROFL
  6. Lovely lovely! Updated my avatar!. Thanks Mysfytt for all the lovely avatars and TJ for the nice suprise.
  7. Everyone is so excited about the SUPER release that one thing is overlooked ... even by TJ.... New release #7 is on May 28th, not 29th. So in case people are planning trip/party/work schedule around the new release, just a heads up. Don't panic if you don't see any 'new' release on 29th.
  8. OMG, after I posted this on the hall of shame, it produced a gold egg!
  9. Name: Caelum Purl Stingray Breed: Nebula - Green Mate/s: GW Fail to produce: Nebula - Green Progeny: http://dragcave.net/progeny/6Il4d Name: Shroomlet Breed: Magma Mate/s: Sunset Fail to produce: Magma Progeny: http://dragcave.net/progeny/PZu0k Name: Lava flowing in the Sunset Breed: Magma Mate/s: Sunset Fail to produce: Magma Progeny: http://dragcave.net/progeny/L3Krp Name: Valentine between Stripes Breed: Striped - White Mate/s: Then: Balloon. Now: Water walker Fail to produce: Striped - White Progeny: http://dragcave.net/progeny/KN3Lf - Was e
  10. Just found out about this! Are the new eggs only found in alpine?
  11. LOL At least you got a magma, my friend just got a royal blue from apline and missed the CB silver. She wasn't pleased but at least it is a CB she didn't have one until now.
  12. I'm sure you are not the only rejection so don't feel bad. *hug*
  13. Since I'm still locked so not hunting but I do refreash the cave just to see what's dropping. I saw no metal at all. I'm starting to wonder if I'm hunting on a different DC.
  14. First post for this thread: I am looking for a CB male gold for scroll completion. I caught my first and only CB gold last year. I'm not really looking for CB silver since I've a pair already but if I catch more, at least one will be gifted to someone who has no metal. Because this is how I got my first metal on my scroll. A kind soul gifted it to me after my desperate attempt to trade for a CB metal failed. I would like to continue the kindness if possible.
  15. I'm not hunting at the moment because I'm egglocked for on a current trade. However, my 2 friends have been hunting and they are picking up commons on the go. One picked up an electric, a couple royal blue and a lucky ice so far.
  16. At this point, I'm just concentrating on my breeding projectS. I'll still try my luck with CB metal but since I can't attack each hourly drop every day, I won't be surprised when I walk out of the metal dropping season with no egg in my basket. LOL Anyhow, congratz to all those who have caught metals so far. I hope some 2G/3G metal trades will surface later.
  17. Agree!! We must be looking at the wrong place at the wrong time ... Or is there a secret metal-only DC that we don't know about?
  18. At least you DID have a successful trade of a CB silver with a reasonable number of CB common hatchies. I have no such luck since I started. I had offered multiple number of CB trios + CB blacks + CB striped (mix of eggs and hatchies) for ONE CB metal. Either PMs were unanswered or replied with a "no thanks" or zero offer to my trade. My younger cousin caught 3 pairs of CB trios (3 each so total of 6) and wanted to trade for CB metal. I told him to forget about it because his trade will just be ignored ... This whole 2G shimmer only situation is so discouraging. I just want to do
  19. Please be my valentine and send me flowers. Love me!!
  20. Let's keep doing this! Please be my valentine and send me flowers. Love me!!
  21. Nothing you can do. If you don't like the idea of not knowing where you eggs land, this thread may not be the place for you. Not to be mean, it is just that I've been following and gifting eggs to this thread since it started up a few hours ago and I've lost track of eggs with no post/pm ...
  22. Let see if I can find another valentine. Be my Valentine
  23. I just received a W O N D E R F U L valentine gift from Riverwillows - a 2G pink perfect mate for my shadow walker. Thanks a lot. A LOT!!