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  1. One cannot simply chose one Imagine Dragons song... Obnoxious meme out of the way, I'm actually more of a fan of their lesser played songs. Curse is my all time favorite, followed very closely by Bleeding Out and Lost Cause
  2. Five Finger Death Punch and A Day To Remember, although I voted Disturbed in the poll cause I do love them and David's side band Device which I've been listening to since Disturbed went on hiatus.
  3. I'm a huge metalhead. Pretty much everything heavy metal, hard rock, thrash, etc. Can't stand pop music, with a few rare exceptions that'll get stuck in my head.
  4. The entire new A Day To Remember cd. I have been listening to it on repeat since it came out.
  5. I watched Lion King II at least a hundred times as a kid. I had all the songs memorized. Kovu is still one of my favorite Disney characters.
  6. I hadn't heard they found episodes. I'm super excited. I'm watching the entire classic series in honor of the fiftieth. I'm on the fifth doctor, but I'll definitely have to watch those asap.
  7. I have three last names that I use for my dragons. All my Cbs and my Rares with nice lineages have the last name Visalia. My messy lineaged rares and low gen commons have the name Blackmoore. All the other end up with the last name Sforza. This doesn't apply to my pygmies though. My female pygmies names are all Blessed something and my males are Brilliant something.
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    Rock Music

    I like TFK too. Their whole new cd is fantastic. I also really like Red and Demon Hunter as well as more metal like Five Finger Death Punch or Bullet For My Valentine.
  9. Spitfire, Bright-Breasted Wyvern, Crimson Flare Pygmy, Water Walker
  10. Just found this tinsel in the Ap : http://dragcave.net/lineage/gB5c4 Not sure why anyone would throw it out.