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  1. I misclicked and caught an albino. Then, I tried to make him go away by bitting him. Now I'm egg locked with a vampire... no refusal for me today... at least the little one didn't die.
  2. Finally got 3 eggs... I need 3 more and I will go to sleep e.e
  3. I dont even know what is going on... I have always got all my eggs in the first 20 minutes. I have been hunting for an hour and I have got anything... really... this has been a HORRIBLE day and this little eggs just make me feel worst e.e
  4. Nothing, just broken dreams </3
  5. *sight*missclicked a pink egg...
  6. I think i saw one in the desert... but it was just a dream They are going fast!
  7. cloudy and hot... it will rain soon o.o
  8. well... bad luck... ok... I can catch something... I think so... AAAAA i dont know what to do anymore lol Should we wait or start hunting again?
  9. I REALLY hope the Silver one show up today... I need to start hunting some other things
  10. Got one! I just have 2 more slots open. Hopefully I'll grab two more... They are beautiful >.<
  11. I should be getting ready for work but... they are so sneaky >.<
  12. Well I was just about to go to sleep.... guess I will spend some time misclicking eggs lol
  13. Keep spotting Xenos all around the cave, none has made it to my scroll... at this point I just don't care anymore. Still looking for a second Gaia and Chronos.
  14. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: #15; #16; #17 Ticket Numbers Desired: 2958, 3687, 8572
  15. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: #1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6; #7; #8; #9; #10; #11; #12; #13; #14 Ticket Numbers Desired: 14 random tickets please
  16. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: ticket #13, ticket #14, ticket #15, ticket #16 Ticket Numbers Desired: 4 random tickets
  17. Just saw a Spessartine in the coast, clicked on it and didn't get it...
  18. I Have Granted A Wish Dragon and Requirements: CB Nebula Link to lineage: Cosmic egg Gifter: yaquiidru Recipient: airaani My Current Total: 20 pts
  19. What is your current bad luck? Right now I'm egg locked and trying to get rid of three uncommons eggs so maybe I will be able to catch some Xenos or maybe a mitical Almandine/Spessartine. I think I should lurk coast since everybody agree that those spessartine are more common than the others
  20. Finally, I have collected one Xeno of each type. I wasn't here when the release took place, but I managed to catch them all since yesterday. I got a second Mageia and some other rare eggs
  21. Same thing here... It is quite frustrating, I've been lurking the cave constantly and I haven't been able to catch any almandine. I've got some Xenos, they are quite easy to spot but those polish stones in the Alpine and Coast biome are getting me crazy