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  1. Its easy for children to get exposed. Look over a couple threads and you see one about prostition (dont google that kids). Google something wrong and you can get bad things. I personly play a game thats 13+ (I am 12) and recently noticed that if you were under 18 you couldnt play without asking your parents. oops. Cause these days people dont give a d### about ratings. If they want to play or watch it they do it. Then its over and they have been exposed.

  2. I personally think its wrong. I know some people cant help it though on some matters. Also if you say just cause the bible says it doesnt mean its right. The bible has sold more copys than any other book. And its not like muslim book (dont know the name) says "gay is good" or anything (to my knowledge).


    Whats even creepier is those who do it (vaguely waves hand) with both genders O_O

  3. There are a lot of kids playing this. Theres no real age limit so anyone could stumble here thinking "what does this mean Ill click it" and that wouldnt be good. Im a kid to. I simply have read lots of different dictionarys. I think this should be removed not just locked.


    And thats a fascinating sounding monkey story.

  4. I would like some Art!


    Egg/Dragon DescriptionAn owl egg.

    Egg/Dragon Stage Sprite (not sure if this is right)


    I would like some Art!


    Dragon Description(Owl egg (cracked)

    Dragon Color Stage: Sprite



    Thank you very much. Im sure to come back for more at this price biggrin.gif

  5. As soon as you get to england theres flooding and england is entirely covered by water. Your forced to live in a rowboat.


    I wish norton internet security would shut upand stop trying to sell me stuff.

  6. scroll I would love to take inbred hatchies would be happy to give them a loving enviroment. I have no dead guys on my scroll have posted a link ofr proof. All the inbreds will not just be slots on the scroll but be given names breeding descriptions (when I have time on my hands) and and any powers they have. Just PM me a link and Ill take it in less than 24 hours.


    Save the inbreeds!