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  1. everything is going to be glass potato lol =^-^=
  2. 5th gen spiral spring thuwed egg bred with holly and winter parents http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZJaue Teleport: http://dragcave.net/teleport/e973f1d2b7749...6471e91a5a80f35
  3. thank u very much made it safely to my scroll =^-^=
  4. so many new eggs have come out in the past couple of months a year ago new dragons took so long to be created n meow there all over the place lol glad to see things are doing great in the cave
  5. ive been fooled lol thats awesome =^-^=
  6. i am very happy with the great artwork put into these new egg congrats =^-^=
  7. i bred this decent thuwed hope it goes 2 a good home http://dragcave.net/teleport/3d45d3e3c3e22...ddacbcc9e9edc3b
  8. dood i refreshed so many times n when 8:25 came along literally nothing appeared
  9. dood some times it seems like there isnt that may user on dc but tehn BAM suddenly hundreds just show up out of nowhere lol
  10. yet people just take em n hope its the one they wanted
  11. =v.v= everything is glass potato =v.v=
  12. ive been trying to get 1 since drop as well n nothing at all ever i am not sure if its me misclicking or its slow comp ill be so angry if both i know ur pain!!! =v.v=
  13. i know right there are a lot of new releases in the desert and alps but nothing new in the forest coast jungle volcano i think there needs to be more new dragons in those biomes so that everything is even like maybe adding a rare that is permanently in the forest only since theres next to nothing happening there its strange if this breed of dragon is rare n can only be found in the alps isnt it kinda unfair to the rest of the bioms since the gold wyvern is a rare only 4 the alps there are 2 many rares concentrated in the alps is all i am sayin lol
  14. its because they dont want students to fool around on other sites like facebook n teachers r noticing a large interest in dc at school i think its kinda awesome
  15. lol wasn't basing of prior knowledge all my siblings always complain about the comps at school 2 or in diff high schools n 1 is in elementary n they all say they wished the internet connection was better also my brother says that dragon cave is a blocked site on there comp n cant even go to the home page not even the forums
  16. y at school the comps at those places usually suck since a whole school is on the same internet connection
  17. i saw to many cb ice gold wyvern silver gold n a lot of blacks fly so fast by me i am so sad =v.v= just knowing that some one with like 20 cb gold adults getting another cb gold asking for a high price makes me a sad mammal =v.v=
  18. oh dam watch all the cb metals fly by with sadness =v.v=
  19. holy crap i try to catch something for the 5 min drop n literally nothing just 1 common shows up n bam in less then 1 second everything dissapears 2 fast y is this so chince =v.v=
  20. doesnt it just burn u when u want to get pretty dragons and everyone shuts u down so fast they make u feel like crap
  21. ued think so but ued be wrong so many people dont know how to play fairly n ask high n dum prices 4 almost everything ive seen people ask for cb gold n silvers for a couple of messy hatchlings like what a joke but its also been reverse like some one offering cb trio asking for something simple nevre getting it or no one is ever interested in it since its not a metalic or people only use cb trios n rares to try and appeal for something metallic
  22. dood i always jump throu hoops i had like 4 or 5 cb gold wyverns a lot or trios n i mean a lot of trios i had and have a lot of cb rares and ive pmd people with a lot of drgaons to offer only to be shot down literally every time every time i msg people i always get sime greedy msg saying they want 3 time more and thats so stupid i know what its likje to trade a lot of things u dont want to in order to get what u really really want
  23. i have 2 agree with Dame_Jedi i know how u feel its like the government only the rich and powerfull get any were like dragon cave u have to have all the gold n silvers or ur pretty much a waste of time in others eyes and so much greed like in no way should 1 dragon be worth more then 2 or 3 depending on breed its not fair at all n the people with a lot of rares wont even care ever why cuz they got the rares n we have to shut up n watch the rich get richer with there fast internet... i feel ur pain =v.v=
  24. i am haveing a huge problem with lag like 1 second there there n the next lag till theres nothing left =v.v= not 2 mention all the cb metallics that keep flying by i hate computers some times =v.v=
  25. =^-^= i am glad i could make ur day =^-^=