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    i want every one to keep in mind i have short term memorie and i forget a lot of things easily and daily so if i pm u more than once a day i am srry

    i probably forgot and forget to check my sent msgs and then forget i sent u anything so please don't get really mad and cranky if i have forgotten

    it helps when u remind me of things, i am usually good with important things its the little details that are hard to remember

    i was in a car crash on April 14th 2011 n i suffered some heavy brain damage and i forget a lot so i am sorry in advanced =v.v=

    ------the things i owe people are the shimmers i have listed-------

    i can give references to confirm that i wont chince you out just pm me

    i would like to say thank u 2 every one who traded with me n say thank u for the people who helped make my scroll what it is today thank u all in advanced =^-^=

    also a thank u to the people who have been waiteing a bit i am srry things have been stubborn lately and i thank u very much for ur patience

    another note once u have made a deal with me please keep in mind i can never 100% be sure if everything breeding the right egg or likes each other or not

    some times that happens it happens to every one every once in a wile so thank u to every one who understands the iou general guide lines and understand that its the dragons choice not mine =^-^=

    heres the lists for the shimmers i have and the offspring i have promised

    lately my shimmers have been produceing fails =v.v=
    i do use my purple dragons on the shimmers but still i get fails =v.v=

    also lately ive been scrambled with a lot of things so if some info is messed up pm me and ill try to fix it


    i am slowly discontinuing shimmer scales on my profile how ever the lists that have your name on it will still be visible till all names r gone once all names r gone the list will be deleted from my profile if you would want more shimmers contact me n ill send u a link of shimmers i have

    last bred egg - http://dragcave.net/view/yne1M
    dragons produced a fog egg =v.v=
    6th gen stair step gold Shimmer bred with female fog

    last bred egg - http://dragcave.net/view/REwfI
    dragons produced a spit fire egg =v.v=
    4th gen stair step silver shimmer scale with female spit fire

    last bred egg - http://dragcave.net/view/eWBKg
    dragons produced a swallow tail egg =v.v=
    6th gen stair step silver shimmer scale with female swallow tail

    last bred egg - http://dragcave.net/view/Q625s
    dragons produced a moonstone egg =v.v=
    6th gen stair step silver Shimmer with male moonstone


    so Asura09 is thinking on quitting breeding Izia =v.v=

    sadly i was finally the next person and i have a 2nd gen shimmer fail from izia but due to the chince i dont think i can promise an offspring even tho ive tried everything to try and get what was promised but i have been waiting for at least a year nd a bit and all was for nothing =v.v=

    i am sorry for disappointing any one i owe =v.v=

    ive been waiteing for my 2nd gen shimmer for a very very long time and i am srry 4 the waite but i can only go as fast as the dragons =v.v=

    this list is an iou of an iou i am still waiteing on Ashura09s end of the iou
    2nd gen gold shimmer x turpentine
    1.Winterstern x2
    due to the amount of time ued be waiteing
    7.Silence (special case)

    i believe i am 1st on Asura09s listbut she says that she has ious to do first so be patient.....----------------------i am 1 step closer to your happiness ---------------------check this link to find a 2nd gen gold shimmer scale bred with turpentinehttp://dragcave.net/progeny/Izayathank u 2 the people on my 2nd gens offspring list i am srry things r going slow i cant speed up time and i cant decided the dragons likeing to a mate but i can give u as much info as possible for u to keep track and know that i am not lieingi am not a scammer and i will not lie to you and i will never chince you out and i am super friendly n wont be rude thank u 4 your kindness in return____________________________________________________________any one who owes me things pm me because i have forgotten who owes me stuff_____________________________________________________________Wish List :shimmer scale with short and nice linage non holiday mates no long linagecb gold eggscb silver males or eggcb neglectedneglected with nice linageThe hardest part of dragoncave..........In the beginning i have been collecting a lot of dragons mostly rares since that seems to be the only thing other people want. And it has taken me a very long time to get where i am at in dc. Silvers and gold are my weakness and is very hard for me to obtain. i used to be excited every time i caught any cb trio now it seems like they aren't worth anything any more and all the other rares as well.Even a cb gold isn't sacred any more cb metals are only going to other users that already have at least 10 or more cb metals or all kinds.I am very disappointed in the lack of respect i have seen in dc and its hard to do an honest fair trade nowadays. I always have perfect either stair step spiral or wave lineages never any checkard Ive never like the way they looked. I always have short gen trios many caught rare cb eggs and hatchies and the highest ive ever traded was 14 really rare dragons all for 1... Ive seen greed...i know greed...but this is the worst ive ever seen honest dc players never get a good chance unless they are just as greedy as the rest....i am disappointed in how some one ever day posts a new trade and i go to respond to them once every day and they end up freaking out at me telling me i have crappy offers.......It hurts to know that that's what other dc users say even tho there literally isn't anything wrong with my offer i have always offered very very generously honestly is 14 dragons worth 1 dragon no matter the rarity...it took me so long to get everything rounded up ive even been more successful at getting metals and still it seems like nothing is ever good enough for people....I don't understand how some one can be so rude in dc and get away with it wile others struggling to get ahead are always pushed down and reminded of all the bad people that are out there.i will always be generous with my offers and will always offer kind helpful tips and pointers pm me and i have no problems helping you out however if u have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all thank u.i only wish the best of luck and that i hope people with handicaps have better luck in catching and trading i have no problems helping out and i some times gift random friends cool n shiny things =^-^=