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  1. I have a question (if I get a certain answer I'll DEFINETLY download) will it be for JUST modloader or modloader + forge, or what? Some people make one for each, but that's a bit extreme, I say...
  2. Nyx was starting to stir. She felt wind through her fur and finally opened her eyes. She was on top of Grimrr and he was running. "Wha...Where am I?" she mumbled.
  3. goin back home today, will be able to post more frequently!!
  4. I'm goin back home today, so starting tomarrow I'll be able to post more frequently!!
  5. Nyx glared at Jak. "I quite agree, unless you WISH to be hurt," Nyx growled.
  6. Hmm... I think that hurting Shinx WOULD be a good idea...
  7. Nyx blinked at the dragon. "I am sorry, I have no knowledge of dragons having riders, so I wouldn't know," Nyx said to her. But either way, your actions cannot go by unpunished. Hmm, lts see, what would a formidable punishment be for actions such as your rider's..." Nyx started to pace, trying to think of the perfect punishment. ((what would a good punishment be...?! I have NO clue ))
  8. Nyx laughed at this. "Then why protect him?" Nyx asked. She sat down. This was going to be interesting.
  9. Nyx glared at the dragon. "Rider or not, you should have kept him away. I understand your confusion, for Aya and Kar look quite similar, but you should have atleast got a good look at her before you assumed! Have you EVER done this before?!" Nyx boomed at them.
  10. Nyx nodded. "I heard a bang and went to see what happened. I am not a part of this 'White Shadow' group, considering I'm not so sure what it is..." Nyx answered it. She was confused about this dragon, what was she talking about??
  11. Nyx nodded at Icefire, but then heard something and looked around. She saw another Shadow Walker hiding in the shadows. "Well, could my den get ANY more crowded! Show yourself Shadow Walker, I can see you, considering I am one!" Nyx exclaimed.
  12. The tracker laughed. "Now I got ya!" he exclaimed. He took out a glowing purple stone and whispered to it. "Show me Nyx," he said. An image of Nyx appeared in the air, a stone cage with Jak behind her. "Ma'am, I caught the dragon you wanted," the tracker said. Nyx looked around, then saw the image. "Brilliant! One moment..." Nyx exclaimed. The image faded and a portal appeared in it's place. Nyx walked through. "Go on through, I'll reward you when I re-enter," Nyx told the tracker. He obeyed. Nyx grabbed the net with her jaws and front claws. "Wow, you really need to work out!" Nyx exclaimed, although it sounded more like, 'Woug, yuu relli ned te wroke oot!' Nyx walked through the portal and closed it behind her. When she was in, she could manipulate the gravity to keep the dragon where she was without the net, so Nyx un-tangled the net and it dropped to the floor. The tracker picked it up. Nyx made another stone cage, which she made un-breakable, and put the dragon in it. She closed the top. "Well now, what do we have here? The two who, together, killed one of my allies and might have just made the other one crazy!" Nyx said, calmly at first, but then the sentence turned into a roar.
  13. The dragon tracker saw the dragon that he was sent to find. He brought out his net. He sent it flying at the dragon.
  14. Nyx smiled. "Yes, but sometimes I count that as cheating," she laughed. Nyx made a cage of stone and put the rider in the top, then she sealed it. "Let us see just how much that dragon wants their rider back!" Nyx exclaimed. She summoned a dragon tracker that worked in the Void. "I am going to send you near my camp in the real world. I need you to find a certain dragon and bring him to me, alive. Understand?" she asked. The tracker nodded. Nyx sent a mental image to the tracker and sent it to the real world, hiding outside of their camp. It started it's search. "Now we wait!" Nyx said to Shira.
  15. ((SORRY D: editted!!)) Nyx grabbed Shira with her tail then went to the Void. When they arrived, Nyx let go of Shira. "Alright, first things first, we're going to need something to keep this human in. I can't hold her down the whole time," Nyx said to Shira. She started looking around, trying to see something to keep the rider in.
  16. Nyx dove down above the dragon and rider. She snatched the rider before the dragon could evade. She then started flying back to the camp. When they arrived, she landed, one paw pinning the human to the ground. "Kirian, I shall be right back. If the dragon comes here, tell her that I'll be in the Void. Shira, would you like to come, as well? I could use your help," Nyx asked.
  17. Nyx's anger was rising. "Handle Kar. I'll be right back," she told Kirian. Her wings were lifting of their own accord. She lifted into the air and flew afer the dragon and rider. When she reached them, she spewed mist all around them. When she was sure they couldn't see, she lunged at the rider, intending to pick it up off the dragon's back.
  18. Nyx glared at the other dragon. She grumbled and walked over to it. "Hold still, I'm taking you back," she said. When she reached the dragon, she grabbed it's paw and teleported them out of her realm and back to the camp. She walked off to her den, but then saw Myst. She let out a cry of sadness and ran over, looking her over.
  19. SO SORRY!! Didn't I tell you guys...? I'm in California fer four more weeks and don't get much internet access... I thought I told you, Sorry!!!
  20. Nyx ported to the other side of the dragon. "You can not harm me in my kingdom. This area is called the Void. Here we can discuss WHY you trespassed on our camp," Nyx said, an edge in her voice.
  21. Nyx walked into her cave to see some dragons in it. She growled at them and walked over to Arcelia. "Who are they?!" she asked. She took a rabbit and started nibbling on it.
  22. Nyx laughed. "You have no idea what I'd do to keep my FRIENDS safe!" she roared at it. Nyx's eyes flashed a blinding color of purple and her and the other dragon were teleported to the Void. Nyx was sitting five metres away from the other dragon.
  23. Nyx saw that she was about to be shot at and, right before she got hit, ducked. She knew that whatever was on her other side was blasted by the gun, now.
  24. Nyx heard the commotion outside and saw all the dragons. "What the heck?!" she exclaimed. But then she saw the dragon about to bite the hatchling from before. She growled and pounced on the other hatchling, knocking it over. A pain in her back started.