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Sacred Parchment of Mine: Ruins Of GloryXBL Gamertag: Catalyst Wolf2mc83mo.jpg

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    Requim, Using the Infinity's Wardeck to make marshmallows.
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    .:All You Need To Know About Me:.

    Top ten facts about me:
    1. I LOVE funny cats/dogs
    2. I like comedy
    3. I am a RPer
    4. I have an I.Q. of about 107, and 100 is about average.
    5. I use both my Right and Left brain equally.
    6. I love Skillet, Linkin Park, 3 doors down, and Coldplay
    7. I like stamps
    8. I play Xbox often
    9. I watch T.V. often
    10. I just love a good book.
    11. I added this because I wanted too.

    So, my name is Justin, I live in Missouri, and I enjoy lots of things. I mostly enjoy music and spriting, and Rping. I'm not very religious and I am really childish, but I try to act mature when the occasion calls for it. I'm also a spelling Nazi (ever since I was made fun of in a chat by a guy who was typing perfectly even with a broken finger) so I correct you on grammar, spelling, etc. I'm also super into music, all types except country and heavy metal, and I draw most of my motivation and inspiration from the music I listen to, and in my opinion music is one of the best sources for both of those. I also love to play video games, and I like playing them even more if I have good music to go with the game I'm playing. I'm also very creative, and while not very artistic I'm more story oriented and I like coming up with and acting out stories (the reason I love Role-Playing so much) and if you ever want someone to join your RP just ask me because I will join almost any RP if it is a well made and thought out one. I might as well mention now that when I write I come up with things in a random order, which is why this isn't organized very well. My favorite games are: Halo, Crysis, Pokemon and Digimon. I also am very loyal, reliable and I can keep secrets. I'm also good at being a shoulder to cry on and a good listener. But the downside is that I also do a good deal of complaining and whining, but normally only in real life, not online. I'm also very shy, and self-conscious, because I can have low self esteem. I also have an anger problem, where I can go all Irish rage at minor things and completely blow-up. I also ramble (like now) and use the word also too often. I can be lazy when it comes to things I don't want to do, but if it's something I enjoy and want to do I'm very energetic and active with it. So, if you need a friend, RPer, shoulder, ears, consultant, or some support, just ask me and I'll almost certainly be there.