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  1. I'm looking forward to all of them. Can't wait!
  2. Finally! I can go on Felisfire. I'm now in the beta. (yay)
  3. I just noticed the codes for TJ's dragons. Have you? The Cavern Walker Dragons look fierce. Yet I have not hatched them... I'll probably trade them and keep just one.
  4. I've heard of NaNoWriMo before, when I was looking on WikiHow about how to write a story or or something like that. Didn't enter it this year(well, never did anyway) but I do love writing. Maybe I'll have a go at it in 2013. Working on a story I did for school, but it's like almost 2000 words long. Pretty sure I'm not gonna do that one, but maybe some other genre, maybe a mystery or sci-fi novel on NaNoWriMo. One thing I don't understand is why it's in November. A lot of people have school in November, so many people probably don't have the time to write! Mark my words, I'll start ne
  5. Wow, I really like that creature you posted. The greens and blues make the spots stand out. By the way, how long does it take to register? I've been waiting since yesterday, and I really really want to get on of the cats and start playing. -Still waiting-
  6. I just registered on Felisfire today. Now I have to wait for the admin to give me the activation link in the email. -Still Waiting-
  7. First thing when I woke up this morning was to catch some eggs on DragCave. I have five of them now, and I'm currently egg-locked. Can't wait to see the adult! (saw the hatchies already)! I wonder what the names will be. But finding out the names will be easy when the S2 hatchies grow up.
  8. I basically refresh the AP then when I can go back to the main cave, I'll grab my rares. I got a Cheese and a Paper by that. Or just stay on the AP. Another way is I grab uncommons (on the MC), then if there is any rare, I grab it. This is so I don't have to wait long.
  9. Wow. I just posted after 3 months of activity on here. I can help with the creatures. Because I have an idea for one.
  10. Click here for the code. I don't want to say the code.
  11. You know what, let's just get the eggs off the AP. It wouldn't hurt. Just 30 users need to get one egg. It won't hurt much. That would be great!
  12. Sooner or later the eggs on the AP will die, in 5 or 6 days if they don't get taken!!! I have also influenced my Blusang egg to a female. I would gladly appreciate a male one. (That if the influenced egg turns into a female)
  13. And it will take a while to get back to the cave... Since not many people are getting eggs off the AP. I wish I could shout "GET THEM DANG EGGS SO I CAN GO TO THE COAST!!!" Maybe let's add a live shoutbox on there.
  14. I use my Kindle Fire and hope to catch eggs... And luckily, I got a brine egg, after trying many times. I do all of my DragCave on my Kindle. I'm even typing this message on my Kindle.
  15. I see new eggs evety hour and every ten minutes. About.
  16. Woohoo! I got a brine finally!
  17. Probably A LOT. If there's that many people on the Coast Area, I think people really want that. As in rarity, I think it's very uncommon or slightly rare. The musty ones are probably uncommon. But, why? I don't know.
  18. I just saw them today, and I was like Why is there so many people at the coast?! I looked in the forest area, and I saw a egg with a description I never seen before. I looked it up on Google, and there were 3 new dragons. And I snatched a rancid off the AP.
  19. These are Rare, not uncommon. (Well I guess the Black is Very Uncommon? ) 1: A Bronze Tinsel from the AP. (After so many times.) 2: Green Dino from the main cave. (Went to the Jungle section and a dino was sitting there.) 3: Black Egg from the AP. (Oh my, there's a black!)
  20. I think I missed out a chicken egg when I was just starting DragonCave. I think it was in the Alpine. I thought it was the same thing as a Pygmy.
  21. Oh I love this website! Like the new flowers.
  22. I use about 7 click sites, the ones that don't need registering and/or seperate codes. They get sick though, but I manage to hide them in time. (Except for 1) But just my eggs get sick. And I never put any in the ER. They hatch or grow up before then. I add them as soon I get them.
  23. This looks awesome! I changed the skin and I saw the mobile edition. Hope there's more to come! I love the new features.